Roblox’s Gucci Garden Experience sold a lot of wallets sold

For fans who are willing to equip their video game avatars with the latest cool skins, here’s a few dollars, or a small price to pay to stand out from the crowd. But on Roblox, a very popular children’s platform, players are paying virtual Gucci handbags as much as they really are (if not more).

Roblox has a marketplace where you can sell all kinds of accessories for dressing up your avatar, from funky haircuts to entire costumes. Many items cannot be collected. In other words, many people can buy as much as they like. Therefore, when a parent buys Robux for a child, the digital currency used in the game (currently the price of 1,700 Robux is $ 19.99) allows the child to spend that money on the game or dress up their avatar in the market. can do. Some items in the Marketplace will be released as limited runs as part of the event. These items are only available for a specified period of time, but can be resold.

Gucci Garden Experience At one such event, users were able to hang out in the garden space built by Gucci, complete with a pool and balloon arches, and go shopping.When the event is announced to the community Popular Roblox blog, It met ridicule. user Complained Not all items were free. So they reviewed and bombed the game page and expressed their disapproval. At the time of publication, the Gucci Garden Event had a 30% approval rating from users on its store page. Hire me!One of Roblox’s most popular games, has an 84% approval rating.

However, the event is still underway and has provided a digital locale where fans can buy Gucci accessories for Roblox avatars. Gucci diamond-framed sunglasses sold at the event for 120 Robux or about $ 1.40. (This and all other conversions in this article were calculated using Robux’s current standard cost.) The item in question was relatively cheap (especially). Gucci) Was sold only for a specific period of several days.

One virtual Gucci shoulder bag that illuminates the market is based on Gucci’s actual fashion line. Coupled with a chain strap, it features a large chunky clip on the front, along with a queen bee decal. The Roblox version is beige with the Gucci logo patterned throughout and costs 475 Robux (about $ 5.50). It was sold in just one hour in the morning of May 17th. Despite the first blowback of the event, the next day, the wallet quickly became a popular item.

Roblox Scalper has begun selling wallets for ridiculous amounts. Some people have listed their wallets in 1 million Robux. It seems that no one knows enough to buy at that price. However, some people ended up paying hundreds of thousands of Robux for Gucci items.A YouTube video recorded a transaction in which a person bought a wallet 350,000 Robux, or about $ 4,115..

By the end of the day average The price of the Gucci wallet was 134,257 Robux or approximately $ 1,578. And when people saw the price completely startled at Roblox, Some comments That the same amount can get you Actually Gucci purse. (Currently, the Dionysus mini chain bag on Gucci’s website sells for $ 1,350, but according to the Niemann Marcus list, the Dionysus GG’s best canvas embroidered Queen Bee shoulder bag originally sold for $ 3,400. .)

Two days later, another Gucci Dionysus bag (a floral bag based on a real-world bag sold for $ 2,700) was launched. People flocked to buy it. However, unlike the Queen Bee bag, more Roblox players bought it at the time of release, so we didn’t see the same price surge at the end of the official sale. Fashionable Roblox players (and speculators) have learned their lessons.

The event will continue until May 31st, so there are still more Gucci items, but it’s unlikely that the object will reach the height of a bee purse.

This is just one example of an independent marketplace of user-generated content that resides on Roblox (run by a young player base). Roblox Unique fashion industry And buying these types of dashes is very reminiscent of buying pandemic and hard-to-find items. And now, even though people hate it, everyone wants it.