Rock and other WWE superstars join the ultimate rival franchise

Ultimate Rivals: The Court and Ultimate Rivals: The Rink bring together legendary athletes from a variety of sports, including LeBron James and Patrick Mahomes, to compete in basketball and hockey over-the-top games, respectively. The invitation has extended to sports entertainment, and thanks to the new license agreement, several WWE superstars have joined the fight. Developer BitFry Game Studios has gradually announced wrestlers participating in Fraca, but recently added the feature of being the most exciting guy in both sports and entertainment.

Rock has joined Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bayley as the fifth WWE superstars identified in the Ultimate Rivals series. Now you can have Rock play against Wayne Gretzky in a great one-on-one showdown. The WWE license agreement includes eight Superstars / Legends, the remaining three of whom will be released in the coming months. Until then, you can see the in-game models of wrestlers already announced in the gallery below.

Ultimate Rivals: The courts combine arcade-style 3v3 basketball games with mechanics reminiscent of fighting games. The roster includes over 70 top athletes from basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey and soccer. Each character sports a variety of attributes and ultimate movements, all rendered at smooth 60fps. Bit Fry claims it’s an easy game to pick up and play, but it promises enough depth for a seasoned player to bite into his teeth. If you’re enjoying an arcade-style sports game like NBA Street and want to know more about what the court brings to the table, check out this extended preview or watch the announcement trailer below.

Ultimate Rival: The Court Currently in beta For those who want to try it. The game will be available later this year, first on Apple Arcade and eventually on PC and other unreleased platforms. Check out Ultimate Rivals: The Rink for iOS now.

On the other hand, for purists who want to control their favorite superstars inside a square circle, 2K Games recently announced the WWE 2K22. You can see its debut trailer here.

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