Rocket League F1 fan pack with decals for 10 cars to be released on May 20

Formula 1 is an rising spectator sport, Rocket league It seems to suggest as much.The· Rocket league The Store’s Formula 1 fan pack will be available tomorrow, providing players with new cars and all 10 F1 teams in their current lives.

The pack includes a competition car based on the F1 chassis with a dominant hitbox and 10 decals from Alfa Romeo to Williams to support your favorite team or keep you up-to-date and cool. You can choose the team you can see. All cars race on Pirelli tires, so I think it’s the soft compound they’re using.

F1 fan pack Available from May 20th for 2,000 credits (500 credits are $ 4.99, but larger bundles are sold at a discounted price). There is also a free F1 player banner for people to pick up at the item shop. According to Psyonix, the banner will only be available until May 26th, but will be back in time for major F1 events later this year. Coincidentally, the main F1 event this weekend is the 78th Monaco Grand Prix.

The third season of the Rocket League (17th time since it became free to play) began on April 7, and a new arena, the DFH Stadium (Circuit), has arrived. This is to reconstruct the original arena to include track layouts and decorations suitable for the main race. weekend.

If you’re a fan of closed wheel racing, NASCAR too I participated Rocket league Early this monthThere is a collection of 10 stock car livery and Goodyear racing wheels, also with 2,000 credits.