Rocksmith+ has been postponed until 2022

Ubisoft delayed Mason+ To next year.

Originally scheduled to be released sometime this summer, the delay was announced yesterday through Twitter And the official website.

According to Ubisoft, the game needs more time for the team to provide appropriate learning services.

“In order to ensure that we provide the best guitar learning services, we have decided to postpone Rocksmith+ to 2022,” the announcement read.

“We believe this new release plan will give us time to provide a smooth experience for all guitar and bass fans.”

Ubisoft said it will use this opportunity to integrate user feedback from the closed PC beta held in June and July.

Ubisoft’s original goal was to release it on PC in the summer of 2021, but it said it did not set a hard date because it hopes to be able to react flexibly to feedback and adjust the release schedule to match.

“We understand this delay is disappointing,” added lead producer Arthur von Nagel In the developer diary.

“Our decision stems from our commitment to quality first and the desire to meet the high expectations of the community and ourselves. Every Rocksmith+ player should easily find the music you care about, feel the growth and mastery of the instrument, and I believe that the notes you play will be heard fairly and accurately.”

von Nagel said that Rocksmith+ has done a lot of work since the beta ended in July. With the Beta feedback aligned with the development priorities outlined earlier, the team hopes to make “significant improvements” to the game. This will come in the form of an expanded song library, audio input and note detection, progress and education, UI, search and content discoverability.

For songs, only 500 were available during the test, but the team is committed to “providing thousands of songs” and this is just the beginning.

The team also promised to add more bass arrangements than included in the beta. In fact, hundreds of new bass arrangements have been added since then.

You can read the remaining changes in the title or changes added since the beta Via the latest development blog.

Rocksmith+ announced in June that it is a subscription service that promises to give you “more music than ever,” which also includes many sub-genres.

After the release of Rocksmith+, the price of a 1-month subscription is US$14.99, a 3-month subscription price is US$39.99, and a 12-month subscription price is US$99.99.

It will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5. It can also use your iOS or Android phone as a microphone to pick up your guitar and bass performances in real time.