Rocksmith Plus postponed due to the studio’s re-examination of core features

Locksmiths Will not let the developer’s original hoped for the summer of 2021 release window, the studio Announced on TuesdayIt will use the extra time to process several core functions, using feedback from closed betas conducted in June and July.

However, lead producer Arthur von Nagel did not describe the news as a delay. He said that Ubisoft San Francisco “has not set a hard date because we want to be able to react flexibly to feedback and adjust the release schedule to match. “

Von Nagel did not say when the game will launch now. The studio will focus on four aspects of feedback-song library; audio input and note detection; progress and education; UI, search and content discoverability.

Regarding the song library, Von Nagel wrote, “We promise to provide more than 5,000 songs at the time of release.” Approximately 500 songs were deliberately selected in the closed beta.He introduced the other three development areas in more detail Message to the community.

“We understand this delay is disappointing,” Vonnegel wrote. “Every Rock Smith add The player should be able to easily find the music you care about, feel the sense of growth and mastery of the instrument, and believe that the notes you play will be heard fairly and accurately. “

Locksmiths Announced during E3 2021 in June. The guitar teaching simulation program was first released on Windows PC and then on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Later, Locksmiths It will also be applicable to Android and iOS devices.

Locksmiths It will be a subscription-based service. Ubisoft offers monthly, three-month and annual subscription plans for $14.99, $39.99 and $99.99.