Rockstar announces release dates for GTA 5, GTA Online PS5, and Xbox Series X

“Extended and Extended Versions” Grand Theft Auto 5 And Grand Theft Auto online Rockstar Games will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on Tuesday, November 11th. Rockstar said upgraded versions of these games would offer “new features and more,” but didn’t provide details.

Rockstar is a PS5 and Xbox Series X version Grand Theft Auto 5 And GTA online June last year. According to the developers, the next-generation update will include “various technical improvements to make the most of the powerful new hardware in the console to make the game more beautiful and responsive than ever before. , Visual upgrades, performance enhancements.

Rockstar said in a news release that an update is coming GTA online “It includes these enhanced versions and special perks available in the enhanced versions when the player drops them.” In addition, Rockstar made fun of the 20th anniversary “fun surprise.” Grand Theft Auto 3,”in particular GTA online player. “

Rockstar’s announcement Greater updates for new content coming to GTA online And Red dead online..

for GTA onlineRockstar said, “A new opportunity for fans of performance and customization upgrades to work with like-minded gearheads to test and showcase their vehicles without interference from authorities or other troublemakers.” I promised. Rockstars also made fun of new races, multi-part robbery missions, and underground cars meeting later this summer.

More racing content is coming Red dead online, There will be a new race on May 25th. Beyond that, the Red Dead Online summer update adds “Various new missions around the world for those who are stepping into the underground world of crime.”