Root and Oath designer’s next board game Arcs takes place in space

Cole Wehrle, popular board game designer Root: Woodland Power Game with The Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile, Revealed his next board game.It is called Arc: Collapse and conflict in the voidAnd brought his unique strategy game brand to outer space.Willer announced Arc on Monday On twitter, And does not include the release date or price point.

Arc It’s very different from any other game I’ve played in,” Wehrle wrote. “Usually, after finishing a game, I feel very tired.However, after completion oath, I am full of strange ideas that are not suitable for the game. I want to stay in this space, but design something new. “

oath It is a luxurious strategy game in which players can push the narrative arc. However, as we pointed out in the comments, the narrative itself is both rich and complex, and at the same time short-lived. The document does not contain any content to describe its universe, and players must go beyond the challenging rule set to truly capture its nuances. ArcWehrle writes that the scale and tone of the narrative will vary.

Wehrle description Arc As a “short-term battle game” with two to four sessions, it is designed for three to four players.Not like oath, It requires the same group of players to complete a given battle, but the total running time does not exceed five hours, which is a more reasonable oath, Wehrle says Arc Partly inspired by His love for roguelikesHowever, this time, the game will be less open, and each battle will have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Long-term collaborator Kyle Ferrin Will return to the art of dealing with games.

Image: Kyle Ferrin / Leather Games

“if oath Atomized the various mechanical/narrative changes that occurred in battle games or role-playing games, and Arcs was just a bit thicker in narrative,” Wehrle continued. “I mean more narrative settings and clear branch narratives. . However, this game clearly follows our storytelling tradition at Leder Games. These are player-driven narratives that provide people with tools to tell their own stories. “

Polygon has contacted publisher Leder Games for more information.