Route 96, a procedurally generated road trip, cruises today on PlayStation and Xbox

Route 96 touts a procedurally generated story about several teenagers crossing the border of the country of Petria. Of course, we’ve seen quite a few procedurally generated levels in roguelikes. Still, the promise of a varied random story makes Route 96 an ambitious experiment to watch when it landed on Switch last year. Although it feels like Route 96 is flying under the radar, it’s listed as one of the best-selling indie games for Switch in 2021! Today, DigixArt’s third game hits PlayStation and Xbox.

You can watch the Xbox launch trailer below:

The trailer showcases Route 96’s vibrant cartoon aesthetic, but don’t mistake it for a lighthearted narrative. Politics and personal tension are at the heart of the adventure game’s dynamic storyline. As you interact with multiple NPCs (friendly or otherwise) and choose choices that affect various outcomes, you’ll explore a wilderness with vast deserts, lush forests, and more. It’s all wrapped up in a 4K 60fps experience. As the trailer’s narrator puts it, “Every decision could shape your fate and that of Petria. It’s time for you to hit the road.”

Will you check out Road 96 on PlayStation and Xbox? Let us know your level of interest in the comments below!