Rumor: Nintendo insider Nadrake talked about a more powerful Switch package, which will be released in the holiday of 2022-early 2023

Obviously, Nintendo is planning and developing a successor to its Nintendo Switch, because once the release model is launched, development and planning usually begin in earnest. Bloomberg is a publication detailing the more powerful Switch system. Some people believe that the system is either Nintendo Switch Pro, while others believe that it is likely to be the successor to Nintendo Switch. Since the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) launched on Friday is an advanced Switch system, but there is no substantial internal improvement, all eyes are on Nintendo’s next plans.

Reliable Nintendo insider Nate Drake appears in a new video and talks about what he heard from the source Regarding the more powerful Nintendo Switch system, he heard that Nintendo plans to release it between the holiday of 2022 and early 2023. As far as he knows, it is unlikely to be Switch Pro, but it will implement new machines and 4K on the system through DLSS. The development kit for the new unit was apparently available to major developers at the end of last year, and small developers are now beginning to receive their development kits and are told to have games ready before Christmas 2022. To different hardware, but he heard that Nintendo is planning to try to solve it, but has not confirmed whether it will play the original Nintendo Switch game.Here are some details from Reset SilverX members of the era:

  • It no longer sounds like Switch Pro, but Switch 2/Switch 4k based on what you have learned. It all depends on how marketing displays the product
  • 4k will be achieved through DLSS
  • Large publishers/developers received development kits at the end of 2020, while smaller publishers/developers received them this year
  • As of now, Switch 1 is not naively BC due to different hardware and lack of TX1, but there are some ways to solve it, depending on what Nintendo will do
  • Developers are developing exclusive products, some PS/Xbox ports
  • The goal of the developers is to “finish” their game by the end of 2022, but for various reasons, the completion of the game does not necessarily mean that it is at the time of release.
  • I heard that it will be released during the 2022 holiday-early 2023, within these 6 months (supply restrictions make it difficult to know exactly when the release may be possible, which means that the holiday may be missed)

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