Rust | How to tear down console and PC walls

Hard MMO survival game as a nail rust I received the long-awaited console release on Friday. PS4 and Xbox One owners can now take part in the fun of running naked in the woods so they don’t die (and almost fail).

If you’ve already experienced Rust on your PC, there aren’t many notable differences, but if you’re completely new to the game, you may have some questions. One of the big things we’ve seen is related to the construction of the base. Demolish the wall After you make it?

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How to build a wall in Rust: 10 minute rule

Rust isn’t a kind game, but trying to be as cruel and unfriendly as possible raises some interesting game design questions. Base building is a good example of this. As we are used to video games, it is very easy to build and dismantle structures. It’s easy to forget how difficult it is to actually achieve these things.

For example, the game conveys the realism of how to build a sturdy wall, just decides that you want to build a wall somewhere else, and makes a mistake without being completely unplayable and frustrating. Can you be punished with?

The compromise that Rust will reach 10 minute rule.. For 10 minutes after placing the wall, you have the option to lift the wall and move it to another location.

This is tolerant enough to quickly correct a genuine misplacement and gives you a few minutes to change your mind about the original plan at the time of creation.

It is important to note this No option to destroy the wall: You built it and bought it, so no matter what you do, you won’t regain those raw resources. However, you can fine-tune the basic design without sacrificing too much reliability.

On the other hand, if you decide to remove the wall after 10 minutes, things get a little more complicated.

How to demolish a Rust wall

There is no easy option to demolish your structure in Rust. However, because the game has heavy PvP elements, there is a way to destroy the walls, which you can use to gain the benefits of building your own base. They only have a little patience and planning.

Option 1: Wait for decay

All Rust building materials are perishable. It takes hours in real time for unmaintained walls and other structural components to collapse.

  • Twig wall: 1 hour to collapse.
  • Wooden wall: 2 hours to rot.
  • Ishigaki: It takes 4 hours to collapse.
  • Sheet metal wall: 8 hours to collapse.
  • Armored wall: 12 hours to collapse.

Collapse is one of the challenges you face with Rust, but it can work to your advantage if you want to get rid of what you’ve built.

To ensure that the walls collapse as soon as possible Remove all ingredients in that layer from the cupboard Prevents the structure from being repaired automatically. Many players recommend upgrading the wall to the next material tier first, so you know exactly when you need to leave the wall.

Structural attenuation occurs even when offline, so you can log off while waiting. However, keep in mind that if the wall you are trying to destroy is an external part of the current base, it is important to be around when the collapse is the cause. Otherwise, you leave your character and their valuable survival gear vulnerable to raiders in your absence.

Option 2: Blow up

I don’t tolerate this as a viable solution to your problem at all, but Rust may help you get some C4 to break those nasty unwanted walls. ..

In theory, attaching a timed explosive to a structure you want to destroy is much quicker than waiting for it to collapse, especially in higher building layers.

We say “in theory” because it’s not easy to get all the ingredients needed to make a craftsman’s C4 charge, and it can actually take longer than waiting.

However, keep in mind that having an additional C4 in Rust isn’t necessarily a bad idea. After all, whether it’s part of the environment or the base of a rival player, I don’t know when I need (or want to) blow up something else to move on.

To create a single time bomb charge, you need the following resources:

  • 20 times more explosives
  • 5x cloth
  • 2x Tech Trash

Cloth and technical debris are relatively easy to find, but you’ll have to make your own explosives using the following materials:

  • 50x Gunpowder (30x Charcoal and 20x Sulfur are required to make 10x Gunpowder)
  • 10x metal pieces
  • 10 times more sulfur
  • 3x low grade fuel

When you throw a Timed Explosive Charge, it should stick to the closest structural surface. Then there is 10 seconds to retreat to a safe distance.

Discounting the time it takes to charge the C4 once, this is the quickest and most reliable way to get rid of unwanted walls. However, it’s very loud (which can be a problem if you don’t want your enemies or other players to know where you are) and lacks accuracy.