Sable Review: Better than your action-packed adventure

exist sable, You can sit down and enjoy the scenery. No, don’t just stand there until an idle animation makes your character crouch. You can press a button to make the protagonist in the red cloak sit cross-legged. This little splendor is not the key to completing the game-you don’t need it to complete tasks or solve puzzles-but it perfectly captures the spirit of the game. sableThe world is gorgeous and vast, and part of the fun of playing games is taking time to sit down and concentrate on it.

sable Is the first game From the shed — A two-person team from the UK consisting of Daniel Fineberg and Gregorios Kythreotis. This is a comprehensive third-person open world adventure with a vast desert landscape in the background. You will play the role of a masked girl named Sable.Throughout the game, you will explore its world by climbing and gliding Breath of the WildStyle, and buzzing on your hover car. sable However, this is not a typical action-packed adventure game-its beauty comes from slowing down and appreciating the joy of life in the moment.

At the beginning of the game, let Sable participate in what she calls “glide”. In this ritual, Sable was given a powerful stone that allowed her to slide across the sky in orange-red bubbles. With this power, she can leave her small village and see the larger world-embarking on a journey to figure out what kind of life she wants to live. The solemnity of leaving Camp Sable for the first time, mixed with the feeling of possibility, reminds me of leaving home to go to university. I still remember getting out of the driveway and the bittersweet anticipation of where I might go.

You leave Sable’s camp to explore the fascinating landscapes created by detailed line and cell shadow graphics and visual effects inspired by movies like Hayao Miyazaki Nausicaa of the Valley of the WindThe first area I explored is full of subtle pinks, oranges and reds, which reminds me of the sunset. Each region has its own color palette and theme. The world is big and full of possibilities. The map is dotted with huge, decaying machinery, commercial camps, and peculiar landforms, such as towering crystal pillars, thorny woods, and eroded rock formations that look straight from the southwestern United States.

Photo: Shedworks/Raw Fury

exist sable, The exploration itself is the driving force. You don’t fight. Instead, you mainly wander around and travel long distances on air-cushioned bicycles. If you see something of interest, such as a giant abandoned spaceship partially buried in the sand or an ancient temple, you can get out and explore on foot. Most exploration is carried out by climbing cliffs and other architectural wonders, as well as jumping from high points and sliding from one place to another in glowing bubbles. Along the way, your journey will be accompanied by a brain environmental music soundtrack created by Japanese breakfast.

Trekking adventure is a pleasure. You can express a certain kind of creativity by climbing, as if climbing to the top is a problem in itself. The climbing time is short and inconsistent, with many stepped sections. Although you can upgrade Sable’s endurance bar, most climbs can be completed with standard energy. Many times, I will use my hovercraft to scout a specific monument or cliff, and then plan a tentative route for me to go there and try my best to reach the top.

Sable’s limited endurance makes this world more attractive to me. In similar games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, When you power up beyond imagination and can climb almost anywhere, some of the magic power will be lost later in the game. You have reached the point where Link is so powerful, you don’t need to formulate a strategy, and in Sable, strategy is still a core part of the gameplay. Although there are some errors, they are not a huge obstacle to my enjoyment. (The exquisite line style of the game makes the corners of the cliff unsightly, which causes me to fall unnecessarily sometimes. There are also game malfunctions that did not let me go from sliding to climbing, so I hit the cliff face and fell. )

sableSable’s exploration elements are perfectly integrated with Sable’s growth history. In every town, you can visit mysterious mask craftsmen—for example, there are cartographers’ masks or merchant’s masks, each representing a different job or identity in the larger world. You will also meet all kinds of people whose stories inspire your journey, such as a character named Elizabeth, who said she was eager to join a prominent guard in a big city. This decision is regrettable-speeding up her journey means giving up things like swimming in the underground lake or visiting the Hakoa area.

The sable sits on the mountain with the starry night in the background

Photo: Shedworks/Raw Fury

Thanks to the game’s excellent writing and unique dialogue system, these characters have come to shine. Throughout the game, players can not only read the dialogues of other characters, but also Sable’s separate narration (in different fonts). For example, when Sable meets a leader merchant in a big city, the player can read Sable’s thoughts for the first time: “I can feel her eyes staring at me, imagining her tongue dragging her upper teeth. She Don’t like me very much.” This not only adds poetry to the game. It also allows us to better understand what Sable sees in the world around her.

At the end of the day, sable Shows us that we grow up not by conquering the world, but by spending some time immersed in its beauty and knowledge. Don’t rush to grow up to do the next thing, or chase the next achievement, that’s all right. Growth can be achieved simply by enjoying the good moments in life. It can come when you sit down and enjoy the scenery or spend time with another person. It can be accompanied by wandering around and catching bugs all day long. It can be accompanied by gliding in peaceful scenery.

The game reminds me that perfection is not a prerequisite for meaningful works of art, nor is it a prerequisite for young people to be valued and supported. sable, Errors, etc., is a perfect example.

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