Sailor Moon Eternal Review: Netflix Movies Return to Center of Series

2014 series Sailor Moon Crystal, The second animated version of the original by Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor moon I met various reactions from manga and fans. This was a more faithful adaptation of the cartoon series than the popular 90’s anime, but its central character, the Guardian of the Earth (also known as Sailor Senshi), looks away. did.Sailor Pluto Suddenly my skin became brighterThe CGI transformation that transforms a character into a form of psychic power felt outdated. And the subdued tones lacked the bright, colorful cuteness that fans of the 90’s remembered.

By Season 3 Sailor Moon CrystalWith no CGI conversions, the art style has become less rigid and more playful. Five years later, Season 4 of the series is now showing on Netflix as a two-part movie. Theatrical version Sailor Moon EternalFeels like the culmination of everything the creators have learned crystalThe original mistake of. And it brings fans closer to the heart of Sailor Moon’s greatness.

Sailor Moon Eternal Following the cartoon Dream Ark, the mysterious Dead Moon Circus arrives in Japan during a solar eclipse. Their ruler, Queen Nehalennia, wants to conquer humanity in a nightmare, claim the throne of the Moon Kingdom known as the Silver Millennium, and conquer the world by dominating the Earth. But the title character, Sailor Moon (or Rabbit), her fateful love (also known as Tuxedo Mask), Chibiusa or Sailor Chibi Moon (the future daughter of the rabbit and Mamoru who traveled to the present—yes, that’s a problem. , And her trusted friend and ally Sailor Guardian (named after each planet) has something to say about Nehelenia’s ambitions. At the same time, the Sailor Guardians encounter a human-turned unicorn named Pegasus, who is looking for something called the Golden Crystal and is looking at Chibiusa.

Image: Netflix

In the original 90’s anime, Takeuchi’s manga was freely adapted, such as completely changing the back story of Queen Nehalennia. Sailor Moon Eternal In essence, it’s the exact retailing of Dream Ark. But even if you’re already familiar with manga, the animated version is appealing given the opportunity to see something new to the animated Sailor Moon universe, such as Sailor Saturn’s complete elaborate makeover sequence. You might think. Movies often seem to be in a hurry, but the total show time is only 160 minutes compared to the normal 260-minute season. Sailor Moon CrystalInstead of a cohesive movie, a two-part movie often feels like a series of episodes connected.

However, some of the charm from 90’s anime is still there, due to the return of Season 3 series director Chiaki Kon. Sailor moon crystal, And Kazuko Tadano, who worked on the first two seasons of 90’s anime and the character design of 1993. Theatrical version Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon RAs she did crystalKon, the third season of, brings a director style that enables dynamic and beautiful scenes. With Tadano’s character design Sailor Moon Eternal Helps to create the best version of crystal By giving your character a fresh look to the incredible fashion known for 90’s anime, such as Sailor Pluto’s mesh tank top and black shorts. But she also displays the character in a way that makes it look fun.

Fortunately, there are lots of nice romantic scenes and funny moments to make up for the feeling that something is missing. The movie easily switches between comedy and serious moments. While Usagi and Mamoru are competing for the award “with a brave face so that their partners don’t worry,” some other parents want their lover. In one scene, Ray (Sailor Mars) wants to run his grandfather’s shrine “more efficiently,” and Mina (Sailor Venus) proposes a solution that literally sees a star. Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) and Mina continue to say they want their boyfriend, but even if they’re depressed by that idea, they quickly become stoic when they realize that the villain may start moving. It’s about time, “says Sailor Mars. “Wear it, you’re ready,” says Sailor Venus. All girls serve with ferocious glare.

However, villains are not the only ones who create internal battles for characters. Another monster creeps in as they fight the villains and try to save the world. As the movie progresses, all inner sailor warriors (associated with the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter) are attacked by the Dead Moon Circus, which preys on false horror and real anxiety.

One of the best examples is Sailor Venus, who is fighting anxiety as the leader of the Inner Guardian after losing the ability to transform. Her crisis escalate as other members of the team joined the team last season but continue to grow older, decisively cool outer sensi who have disappeared since then. When Sailor Venus is attacked, the villains create the false dream scenario of being able to save the children trapped on the roof of the building.But in the end, it was the first time she saw her talkative cat’s companion and best friend Artemis animated in human form. Sailor moonStories often revolve around romantic love, and these moments of different types of love are described as equally important. In a fantastic, dreamy movie about the fight against a vicious villain Sailor moon Franchise specials are creators’ abilities that are rooted in real-life everyday problems.

This story arc has many Sailor moon Of the fans The season I hate the most Original anime (that season, style is Sailor Moon SuperSHolds some shaking with Chibiusa Stan).But with this new adaptation, the film endures the rest of the franchise, does cartoon justice, and lets Sailor Moon fans get excited with the pride of the moon. Sailor moon The franchise may be enjoying this two-part movie, but it’s definitely confusing. There’s enough information to put together a part of the story, especially with the arrival of new villains, but in the end, jumping in here is exactly the same as starting the show in the fourth season.

But for fans, returning to this form is a normal business... Sailor Moon, a character and show, has true power coming from the community, so when the power of the characters is channeled together, they can’t be stopped. Theatrical version Sailor Moon Eternal It’s about overcoming evil with the power of love and friendship.And nothing more Sailor moon Than that.