Saints Row Ultimate Custom Showcase to be Revealed Next Week

If you were excited about last year’s new Saints Row, which was delayed to a new August 23 release date, then keep an eye out for a special showcase next Wednesday (April 20).

Furthermore, Will has been declared It will host the Saints Row “Ultimate Bespoke Showcase” on April 20 with special host Mica Burton. As for what to expect, Volition didn’t share much, but its name says it all: it’s going to be about the many customization options in Saints Row, and the image that accompanies the announcement tweet has some of our hilarious options to look forward to .

As you can see, the Saints Row character in the tweet has a colorful gun with a faience jar on it. Plus, they wore some very 2010 shades and exaggerated outfits to match.While previous perceptions of Saints Row, including what we saw when it was founded game whistleblower Already showing a more solid take on the increasingly dreamy series back in October’s cover story, this new tweet seems to suggest it’s not giving up on the wild customizations of later Saints Row titles.

“Player choice and customization have always been core pillars of the Saints Row franchise, and next week’s showcase will highlight how this latest entry not only continues that tradition, but takes it to new heights,” a press release reads. . “Will has removed the boundaries of gender and limitations for players – wear anything without restrictions or rules. Saints Row also brings weapon and vehicle customization to the forefront with a range of never-before-seen options. Ultimately, in Player choice comes first in Saints Row.”

You can watch the ultimate Saints Row custom showcase on YouTube and Twitch on April 20 at 12pm PT/8pm BST/9pm EDT.While waiting for next Wednesday, check this out game informer Watch the opening mission of Saints Row exclusively, then watch this video showing the Saints Row wingsuit in action. After that, check out this exclusive first look at Saints Row’s auto battle.

Are you excited for this ultimate Saints Row custom display? Let us know in the comments below!

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