Sakurai obviously has not considered the next Smash Brothers game, he needs a long discussion with Nintendo

Masahiro Sakurai’s last week of Famitsu column has been leaked online, in which someone asked him if he would be willing to return to the Smash Bros franchise if Nintendo announces a new entry in the long-running series and gets the green light.Mr. Sakurai Say in the column At that time he hadn’t actually considered a new entry, but if Nintendo asked him if he wanted to create a new entry, he said that he would need to have a long and hard discussion with them to see how they could make it significantly different from before. Things that happened. He also said that he had tried to leave the team with others, but he was always pulled back because he didn’t succeed. For Mr. Sakurai, boarding Super Smash Bros Ultimate is definitely a huge challenge, so we will have to wait and see.

Q: As far as Smash’s new entrance is concerned, will you come back?

Sakurai: I didn’t even think about the sequel. This happens with every release. But I can’t say that this will be the last Smash ever.

[We would] Need to consider whether [we] Smash Bros. should be released at the cost of disappointing users.Currently, I cannot make a Smash Bros title without my participation

Honestly, I would rather leave it to others.I tried, but no success [so far?]. If Smash has a continuation, Nintendo and I need to have a long and serious discussion on how to make it. [the next Smash] successful.