Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Remastered is coming to Switch

The former Telltale developers announced that they are re-creating the melodrama Sam & Max game Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space, which will land on the Nintendo Switch series on December 8. After the last shareholder exited, the studio was disbanded in 2018, but was later revived by LCG Entertainment. You can check the latest trailer of Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space in the tweet below, and you can continue to read the main features of the adventure.


  • An adventure game that makes you laugh: Explore unexpected places, chat with weird characters, and sort out headaches in an interactive story, with a joke behind every hot spot.
  • Beautifully remade: Lighting, lip sync, photography, audio, music, etc. have all been updated and enhanced, bringing the second season of Sam & Max to modern standards.
  • No need to drill: The game detects when you are stuck and provides subtle contextual hints. The cue frequency can be customized to suit all playing styles.
  • Optional driving games: Drive Sam & Max’s 1960 DeSoto convertible and get interesting pastime from the story. The hood decals and car upgrades you won will continue throughout the episode.
  • localization: English voice with subtitles in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.