Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro features Intel Arc graphics

With all the news circulating since CES and Intel’s own report, we can expect a lot to happen in 2022 from the tech giant. The company promises to ship more than 4 million discrete GPUs this year, but we’d like to see at least the first missing Day 0 driver from the Elden Ring. Today, we take a look at some of Intel’s smaller innovations that appear to be powering the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro lineup.

Intel has been promoting its new line of acclaimed 12th-generation chips for some time now, with the mighty H-series excelling in gaming laptops. The Intel-powered Evo line of laptops combine the company’s CPU work with GPU power to create some seriously great-looking lightweight devices. Until recently, Intel gave us a glimpse of its P- and U-series Alder Lake chips for mobile devices, which come in more than 20 different variants. These have reportedly been implemented in more than 250 device designs, and these Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pros are likely to be the first.