Samsung’s 1TB T7 portable SSD is 30% off at Amazon

If you need to store your game library on a portable device so you can play them on different consoles or PCs, or you just need space to play more games, a portable SSD is your best option for ease of use and speed.

One SSD we really like is the Samsung T7, which offers 1TB of space and speeds up to 1050MB/s in a sleek, easy-to-ship form factor and different color options.

If you’re looking to get more mobile storage, you’re in luck, as the T7 is currently on sale on Amazon US and UK with discounts of up to 30%.



The Samsung T7 makes it super easy to store your games and play them on the go because it only uses a USB-C connection, so you can easily plug it into your PC or PS5. It’s also great for work purposes like storing documents, videos, and images, thanks to its fast speed and shock-resistant casing.

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