Samsung’s new curved gaming monitor has some tricks on the screen

Samsung announced before the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show that it will bring curved displays into some super ergonomic areas in the form of Odyssey Ark. With active backlighting, compact 1000R curvature and plenty of adjustability, it looks like a highly versatile addition to the mess of gaming monitors. It also comes with some beautiful tricks.

At 55 inches, this is a huge “vertical cockpit-style rotating display” that should take full advantage of its 4K resolution. Interestingly, Samsung has added an option to adjust the screen size in the panel. Essentially, when you reduce the resolution or switch from the screen’s standard 16:9 ratio, you can choose to turn off unused pixels instead of zooming in to fit the entire screen.

(Image source: Samsung)

This function works just like when you watch a movie in letterbox format, except that the spare pixels are not only black, but also inactive-I’m sure this is very helpful for energy saving. Odyssey Ark will even provide a “multi-view” option in this mode, similar to the window layout function of Windows 11, so you can determine exactly which pixels are needed and which can be cancelled.