Save up to $150 on select Samsung SSDs at GameStop

Fast storage is something you can never have, but SSDs with over terabytes of space and high read and write speeds can be expensive. While standard hard drives are good budget alternatives, it’s often worth waiting for NVMe SSDs to hit the market so you can get the latest technology for less.

If you’re upgrading or building a new PC, investing in the best SSD your budget allows means you’ll get faster load times in games and apps, as well as smoother performance. A range of internal SSDs that offer all of the above is the excellent Samsung 980 Pro, and we found deep discounts on the entire range at GameStop.

Below, you can see all the different storage options available, their prices, and where to get them.

The biggest SSD discounts are on offer right now; the Samsung 980 PRO 2TB is now just $279.99, down from $429.99, a savings of $150.

The 980 Pro SSD is PCIe 4.0, so make sure your PC motherboard is compatible before buying. The result means twice the transfer rate and 7,000MB/s read speed of a PCIe 3 SSD. The small form factor means this SSD is also ideal for desktops and laptops.

This 1TB version of the 980 Pro $80 off, bringing it down to $149.99.there’s still one 1TB heatsink version, up $20 for $169.99, but at the same discount. All models of the 980 Pro are compatible with the PS5, but we recommend purchasing the model with a cooler to ensure it doesn’t overheat.

The 980 Pro also has two smaller sizes, $99.99 for 500GB version, save $30. The 250GB version is not available at GameStop, but you can find it $79.99 at Walmartwhich is a $10 discount.

If you’re in the UK, you can save £30 on the 1TB Cooler 980 SSD at Argos, now £149.99, a very good option for a PC or PS5.

That’s all on the Samsung 980 Pro SSD! Some very good options for a range of budgets, storage needs and platforms.must give jelly sale twitter Account Follow so you don’t miss out on any future computer storage sales and more.