Say goodbye to your mortal shell with this gorgeous, spooky puzzle game

Halloween has come and gone. But this does not mean to say goodbye to ghosts and ghouls completely. French independent developer Florian Wiltmann introduced us to a more enjoyable story beyond the grave today.

In theaters next year, How to say goodbye It is a gorgeous and soft storybook about life after death. You just died, but you need to navigate the boundary space between the living and the dead by solving the puzzle grid, helping you and your ghost friends to cross to the other side.

These puzzles seem to have a wonderful touch. When you swing the ghost towards the destination, the entire landscape will move along the grid. Veltman’s previous works include the wonderful Lieve Oma, and Goodbye carries most of the game’s warm and comfortable palette—its artwork is inspired by Tove Jansson (Moomins) and the insert painter Tomi Ungerer.

(Image source: ARTE France)

Goodbye, there are indeed some ghosts, a dark wizard preventing you and your terrible friend from crossing. But this is ultimately a ghost game, not so much panic, as it is to deal with grief kindly and sensitively, and learn to deal with loss in a healthy way.