Scarlet Nexus and other games land on Xbox Game Pass today

Xbox Game Pass includes some anime action, supernatural murder mystery, and tank driving goose. Bandai Namco’s stylish action RPG Scarlet Nexus made headlines for a new batch of new games launching the service today, and Microsoft announced these games at the Tokyo Game Show this morning. Game Pass subscribers now have the opportunity to experience one of the best action games of the year.

Scarlet Nexus comes from the manufacturer behind the Tales series and is set in the dystopian “brainpunk” world. You can control one of the two protagonists. Each protagonist has its own independent battle, has powerful supernatural abilities, and is part of a task force composed of equally talented people. The strange, super-dimensional creatures called “others” have invaded the earth, and you have to stop them from tracking. In his 8.75 points (out of 10 points), senior editor Dan Tack described Scarlet Nexus as “a stylish and fascinating fantasy, all related to battle.” Bandai Namco also hinted that it is “coming soon” with additional cosmetic content for the game. .

AI: Dream Archive

Another game that received a Game Pass is AI in 2019: The Sominum Files. In this sci-fi detective game, you try to solve the murder of a woman by exploring people’s dreams (within a time limit of 6 minutes). You will gather intelligence by searching for clues, interrogating suspects, and solving puzzles. This mystery is for the director of “Zero Escape: The Last Reward of Virtue”.

Big goose

Mighty Goose is a side-scrolling action shooting game, launched in June. As a cute bounty hunting goose, you will run and shoot in a colorful pixel art environment. If you like geese and like to eliminate enemies in arcade-style action, then Mighty Goose may be for you.

Now that these games are on Game Pass, would you give it a try? Let us know in the comments!