Scavengers are comfort food for Battle Royale

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Scavengers didn’t even catch my attention when it launched in April. In fact, I ended up playing it by accident: a colleague’s computer broke, and I agreed to capture footage of a few games. I sat down for a good cup of tea, and I expected 20 minutes to mix and match the seemingly ordinary Battle Royale type: a few hours later, I realized that Scavengers is just like that. I got a lot of fun from it.

The name is suitable for games. Scavengers choose their own way through a mixture of battle royale and PvE plunder. Loosely speaking, competitions tend to focus on some exploration and AI groups and treasure hunts to start, and then the map brings three-person teams. Oh, and some storms will move quickly on the map, and if they are not in the shelter, they will quickly freeze your character to death.

The scavenger character fights in the energy bubble.

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The storm is an epitome of what the scavengers do right. Battle Royale type games require a way to limit the venue, which provides, but not a big circle approaching, you have these fast-moving areas, often catching the team by surprise, and forcing fast, unplanned moves. Pleasant It feels like you can take refuge in a building and wait for it, which can be a moment of temporary respite and a time to make the next move, or it can be part of an enemy team that you stumble upon with the same idea. It even made some narratives in terms of actually promoting the ideas you were looking for on the surface of this hostile planet.