Scorn breaks the silence at the October 2022 release window

Scorn was one of the first games released for Xbox Series X/S, but we still know very little about it, and it disappeared from the spotlight for more than a year. The developer Ebb Software finally gave a voice to remind us that Scorn is still in progress-in fact, it will arrive in October next year.

A mysterious trailer revealed the release window, but did not reveal any new plot or game details.New community post about the game Kickstarter page Only provide a behind-the-scenes observation of the game art direction.

Ebb CEO Ljubomi Peklar issued a statement about the game, stating:

“We are really happy to be able to share more news about the game and its release date. Scorn is a truly passionate work for the entire studio. The atmosphere, journey and experience, we hope that every moment in Scorn Can trigger emotional reactions and feelings. We hope that Scorn will stay with players long after they reach the finale. As we get closer to the release, we look forward to sharing more news and updates with our community”

So far, we know that Scorn is a first-person shooter, set in a maze world, deeply inspired by the art of HR Giger. The pulsating walls and grotesque enemies chilled our backs, and we are happy to see that this project still has a pulse. The last time we saw Scorn was in a 14-minute game demo, you can watch it here.

Scorn is launched for Xbox Series X/S and PC.