Screaming and Halloween reveal the greatest sin of horror: curiosity

curiosity kills the cat. Curiosity also killed the naivety of horror movies. However, cats have nine lives, while naive people do not. Advantage: cat.

In the year 1996 Scream, The horror scholar Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) laid down the rules of living through horror movies: don’t have sex, don’t pick up or get dirty, if you leave the room, never, once Tell your friends that you will be back. These are the main sins of the genre in Meeks’s book. However, in horror movies, the crime that the character often commits is more common than other crimes: curiosity. When there is a “bump” in the night, saying “I will be back soon” will not disappoint you; your nosy. Don’t look in the basement. Don’t go to the creepy old house on the mountain at midnight. Don’t wander around the cemetery. Don’t read ancient books that are bound in human leather and written in blood.Frankly speaking, we should Listen to Edgar Wright More than Randy Meeks. Just don’t.

Curiosity is not a new sin in fear.This is a kind of original sin, which can be traced back to the experiments of Henry Frankenstein and Jack Griffin. These experiments were performed in the 1950s, 60s and 70s in such Things in another world with fly, Black Sunday with Ghost field, Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Wicker man. Then Tony Randell’s The Realm of Hell: Hellraiser II In 1988, the most thorough and thorough explanation of the role of curiosity in horror movies (and literature, for that matter, most of the basis of horror movies) was carried out.

You want to know,” Julia Cotton (played by Claire Higgins) said, the smirk on her lips was enough to sting her soul because she betrayed her lover Dr. Philip Chanard (Kenneth Cranham M), facing a fate worse than death; she left him to the gentle mercy of Leviathan, the god of hell in the Buck Gothic horror series, drained the liquid, was dismembered, and was reshaped into one Monk-to them pain and happiness are one demon. “Now you know.I want everything. Now everyone is happy. ”

Chanard grumbled and screamed in pain, he disagreed, but that was the price of his curiosity. His obsession with hell, especially Lament Configuration (a gorgeous puzzle box apparently forged with primitive temptation), led him to a terrible ending. If used properly, the configuration will evoke the most famous nuns in the movie: Needle (Doug Bradley), Chatler (Nicholas Vince), Butt Ball (Simon Bamford) and Barbie Wilde’s” “Sisters”, as if being a woman is enough. All Channard wants is to “know”. About hell, about Leviathan, about the monks themselves. In the real world, knowing is not a sin. In a world of horror, this is a party foul punishable by death. Channard is not the only person in the Hellraiser movie who understands the consequences of configuration, but he is the first to clearly bring the configuration home, and with evil joy, that this It is something that a snooper gets.

There were horror movies before The Realm of Hell: Hellraiser IIAnd then horror movies The Realm of Hell: Hellraiser IICotton’s beautiful and ruthless monologue makes it impossible for people watching horror movies to pick out characters that shouldn’t be watched, and cause suffering to themselves, their friends, their families, and any helpless bastards who stand in the way. “Investigating mysterious voices” is one of the main metaphors of the genre, and “Let’s separate and look around”, although there are obvious potential dangers, but two fatal mistakes are often made. These are all gimmicks. They are also necessary to advance the plot of terror.arrive Paraphrase John FordIf the characters make wise and thoughtful choices instead of bad choices, it will be the end of the movie.US need Characters to stimulate their curiosity and let terror work.

The Realm of Hell: Hellraiser II
Picture: New World Pictures

Drew Goddard Hut in the woods Provides one of the best examples of this dynamic in contemporary terrorist activities, not only against why The characters did stupid things in these movies, but how important what they did. Here, a shady organization, creatively called the organization, hired engineers Sitson (Richard Jenkins) and Hadley (Bradley Whitford) to perform an operation and primitive sacrificial ceremony , A group of college students as their victims; each represents a horror movie character prototype, prostitutes, athletes, scholars, fools and virgins, everyone must die to appease the old gods tumbling under the surface of the earth. Failure to meet these basic requirements means the end of the world.

When curiosity defeated the actors, the ceremony officially began; stumbled upon a veritable treasure house Very obvious evil object In the old cellar of their country holiday cottage, the group poked these various antiques until Dana (Kristin Connolly) read aloud her diary, summoned a torture family of zombie countrymen, followed and Murder them.That’s only the first floor Hut in the woods‘Curiosity; In the end, the two remaining characters, Dana and Marty (Franklands) descend to the underground lair where the organization is running, and discover the terrible truth about zombies, gods and rituals. They mastered this knowledge and decided to kill everyone by angering the gods. So it goes.

Knowledge and curiosity go hand in hand in terror. Many horror movies of the 2010s linked curiosity with the return of curiosity; characters seek the truth and regret finding it.Jennifer Kent Barbados Using the classic horror setting, the haunted book, it invites the titled top hat and trench coat to adorn the home of a single mother (Essie Davis) and her son (Noah Wiseman). The devil tortured them day and night, especially her, because he had read his story.Ali Astor midsummer Calling on folk horror traditions to tell the cruel story of daytime craziness, cultural anthropology students went to Helsinland to study a mysterious Swedish commune, which became the core of the 90-year sacrificial ceremony.

Most obviously, the 2018 John Carpenter sequel by David Gordon Green Halloween, Referred to Halloween, To start with a real crime podcast, encourage Michael Myers, a man who is not known for being talkative at all, to say something-anything, anything,only if somethingOver time, Miles followed and killed them, and his own doctor, Haluk Bilginer (Haluk Bilginer) tried the same feat. In exchange, Miles squeezed his head like wine grapes.However, the nature of the killing is not important Halloween As a slasher, we are at least partly killing.However, the reason for these killings is Yes critical. If the podcast didn’t bother Miles, they would live on. If Satan’s crazy desire to study Miles “in the wild” does not exceed him, then the others who died in the movie will also survive. Yes, Miles is all the killers, but curiosity means there are others with knives.

Movies need conflict. Conflict comes from action. The character takes action and makes choices to keep the storytelling engine running. In other words, horror movies are not unique, but the mechanism that drives them is still the main content of this genre. Without curiosity, a series of horror films—— Halloween, Barbados, midsummer, Hut in the woods, US, Sea heat, wail, Jane Doe’s autopsy, Creep, V/H/S/2, spring, sinister — It won’t happen at all, this is just a sample of today. Curiosity is terrifying, just as terrifying as the murderers and monsters that make up the most iconic villains of the genre. Forget the cat; if you are not careful, it will kill you too.