Sebastian Maniscalco rejected for Mario role, but offered to Spike

Italian-American stand-up comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco was recently at live!with kelly and mark He applied to be the voice of the iconic Mario in the Super Mario Bros. movies. He auditioned and was sadly turned down, but he got the role of Spike. Maniscalco said he was excited to be a part of the film and said Chris Pratt, who played the role of Mario, “did a great job.”

“Everyone was like, ‘How come they didn’t cast an Italian-American for this role?’ So I read for Mario, and I got in, and I did the whole thing, ‘It’s a ‘me, Mario!’ and then they Saying, ‘We’ll give you Spike. Obviously, that didn’t work out. So it was nice to be a part of that movie, which was a master piece, and Chris did a great job.”