See Koch Prime Time here today for the announcement of the Prime Matter game

Sheriff Sayed
June 11, 2021 12:49 GMT

Koch Primetime brings together a wide range of studio games under the Koch brand.

Today’s big trend Koch Prime TimeAn event specializing in displaying games published by Koch Media, And recently announced Prime matter label.The show starts today 12:00 pm (Eastern Time), 3:00 pm (Eastern Time), 8:00 pm (UK)..

You will be able to follow Prime Matter’s Twitch channel, And websites with suspicious names I know something you don’t know – This is currently streaming CCTV footage from someone’s desk. We also embedded the PrimeMatter channel below.

Unfortunately, Koch has already confirmed that Dead Island 2, Saints Row, Metro, and Time Splitters aren’t showing up. This still excludes other surprises, but more importantly, many of the Prime Matter games announced yesterday (you can see them under the Prime Matter tag) are visible today.

This list includes hosts for new games from Ruiner makers, new RTSs from Homeworld dev, new Painkillers, and other promising indie games.

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