Sega and Atlus tease new RPG announcements for Tokyo Game Show

Sega and Atlus will launch a new RPG during the second day of the Tokyo Game Show in 2021 (that is, October 1st). We already know that these two companies will arrange the last show of the day according to the event schedule, and they are preparing to end the second round of live broadcast with a loud noise.

The publisher set up a Special website The unannounced title shows a Japanese narrative film, and tells the story of an ink pen depicting three fantasy characters overlooking a scenic cliff. It also shows flashes of different characters and melancholic scenes, such as what seems to be a woman who was killed. The animation finally takes the audience to a homepage, which currently has a countdown clock that can display the game on TGS. The translated text of the video description simply says: “This is a trailer for Sega’s new RPG, and its information will be announced online at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 on October 1, 2021 (Friday).”

Now is the fun part: figuring out what this game might be. Given the surrounding hype, people will think it is a new IP. Needless to say, it definitely doesn’t look suitable for Atlus’ established series, such as Persona, Tensei or Etrian Odyssey based on works of art. There is no doubt that Atlus fans have begun to analyze every possible picture of this trailer to find the answer, but the rest of us will have to wait a few more weeks to learn more.

In addition to live demos, Sega’s digital booth will also highlight games such as “Lost Judgment”, “Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania” and “Sonic Colors: Ultimate Edition”. When the Tokyo Game Show opens on September 30 and ends on October 3, you can see their products and more. We have confirmed what Square Enix will bring to the show, so we look forward to other companies starting to finalize their lineups in the next few weeks.

What do you think of this mysterious RPG game? Share your theory in the comments!