Sega files trademark for Sega NFT

November 2021, Sega’s Second Quarter Results Mentions that the Japanese publisher plans to partner with Microsoft to develop cloud-powered “super games” and “invest in new areas such as NFTs.” It didn’t take long for Sega president and CEO Haruki Satomi to sound more warning, but said: “If this is seen as easy money making, I would like to decide not to proceed.”

It is reported today that Sega applied to the Japan Patent Office for two trademarks “Sega NFT” in December 2021.Thanks, VGC). The first says ‘Sega NFT‘ while the second is for ‘Sega Classic NFT Series. The latter may be similar to what Konami did with Castlevania recently, but the bigger question is whether it’s indicative of a broader move on the part of Sega.

(Image credit: Sega)

Of course, Sega isn’t alone in the industry. Peter Molyneux’s next game, Legacy, is earning and going all-in on NFTs, and among the larger publishers, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda recently said the company is “looking at potentially issuing our own token in the future” . Although he admits that “some ‘have fun’ and currently make up the majority of players have reservations about these new trends”. GSC World scrapped plans to include NFTs in Stalker 2 after a backlash, while Ubisoft’s NFT plans appear to be unpopular and have been called “useless, costly and ecologically shameful” by French unions.