Sega hopes to create an important global championship title in the next few years and may spend US$882 million on this

Sega has talked about creating a new major global game, and the Japanese company is prepared to spend a lot of cash on its creation and infrastructure. The company stated that it may spend US$882 million on it, but this will include investment in its own internal development team, marketing, and merchandise, as well as the possibility of acquiring other development studios during its creation, whether it is from a country. Outside or in Japan. Sega’s future acquisitions will be to complement its existing developers.

“Of course, we expect the scale of investment in the development of such super games will be considerable. We need to incorporate new technologies and trends. To this end, we will have to invest from the perspective of developing pipelines and supporting our value chain.”

“I think back to when we acquired and integrated Atlus,” he said. “This has brought us two major benefits. One of them is the attractive world-class IP developed by Atlus in the role-playing game genre. The other is the strong localization capabilities of US websites.

“This result is evident in the increase in Metacritic scores, which in turn has led to sales growth in overseas markets. In the long run, these acquisitions that enhance our functionality will certainly become a major advantage, and we will continue to actively explore investments from this perspective. “

“I also have a feeling that we have been lacking cooperation with other companies,” he said. “Now, partly to better respond to the rapid changes in the market, we have increased the opportunity to communicate with various business partners.

“A stronger cooperation allows us to improve the quality of games and gain a firm foothold in the development of new services and games. Of course, cooperation brings challenges. But with the support of our strong brand recognition and rich IP lineup, Sega Get a firm foothold.”

Sega President and Chief Operating Officer Yukio Sugino

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