Sega opens new studio led by former Phantasy Star Online 2 producer

Sega has announced the formation of a new studio called Sega Sapporo Studios.

The studio was officially established on December 1, 2021, as a “second development base in Japan” by Golden Pine. Established Sapporo to focus on the development and debugging of new software. It will be led by former Phantasy Star Online 2 lead producer Takaya Segawa, who was promoted to Sega’s senior corporate role last April.

“Under the policy of continuing to challenge the creation of more innovative content and to provide the world with new and exciting experiences, we will use the expertise that SEGA has accumulated over its long history to participate in the development of entertainment and we will show the world from the fascinating city of Sapporo ,” Segawa said, Video Game Chronicles. “Sega Sapporo Studio will strive to provide customers with an engaging experience and create a studio that values ​​its employees.”

As the name suggests, Sapporo is located in the city of Sapporo, and the studio will hire employees locally to design, program and debug game software.Sapporo does not require all its employees to relocate to the Sapporo-based office because Golden Pine “Sega hopes to expand employment opportunities for those who want to work in their hometown,” the report said.

As expected, with the launch of the new studio, Sapporo already has a website to check out here. VGC Note that Sega has multiple in-house development studios like Sonic Team and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (Yakuza, Judgment), but they all work out of Sega’s main development base in Tokyo. Sapporo will serve as another development base similar to the original.

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[Source: Gematsu]

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