Sega Says NFTs Are a “Natural Extension” of Gaming’s Future, and That’s Wrong

In a recent interview, Sega Zeng said it sees NFTs and cloud gaming as a “natural extension” of the future of gaming.

This week’s example of game companies being wrong with NFTs is Sega, courtesy of an interview with Executive Vice President Shuji Utsumi VGCThe listing appeared on Sega Japan’s job site, where Uchikai discussed some of Sega’s plans, including a “super game” it was developing. The SuperGame will apparently be multiple “AAA games spanning Sega’s full range of technology,” which the company aims to achieve within five years.

Utsumi goes on to talk about how many games are “developed within the framework of SuperGame,” and then goes on to talk about whether or not people are gamers. But most annoyingly, the interview continues to talk about NFTs. Sega producer Masaya Kikuchi noted, “The history of gaming has expanded through the connection of various cultures and technologies. For example, social networking and gaming video viewing are recent examples.”

These recent examples are obviously cloud gaming and NFTs, and Kikuchi went on to say “this is a natural extension of the future of gaming, which will expand into new areas like cloud gaming and NFTs.” Any opinion you like about cloud gaming, but in terms of NFTs , Kikuchi is completely wrong, as NFTs add almost nothing to the game, other than more energy usage and fancy receipts.

Why Sega would join the list of companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix that insist on working on NFTs, we’ll never know (it’s a lie, it’s money). But oddly, the company is exploring NFTs, when Sega CEO Haruki Satomi said earlier this year, won’t go with them “If it’s considered simple money making,” it definitely is.

But regardless of the outcome of these SuperGames, we can expect NFTs to be tied together in some way.