Shangqi Disney Plus release date announced in November

The holidays have just become more magical. Shangqi and the legend of the ten rings, The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, will premiere Disney Plus For all subscribers on November 12.

That date Shang-Chi Home streaming is possible within one week after the drama premieres on November 5 Eternal race, A month ago Spider-Man: Nowhere to go Swing to the big screen. Marvel Cinematic Universe Stage 4: Here comes, baby!

but Shang-Chi Not the only thing that affected Disney Plus that day. The anchor designated November 12 as “Disney Plus Day” and deleted a lot of content to celebrate: Jungle cruising Will arrive in service on the same day, as well as the original Disney Plus Sweet home alone, Restarting the franchise of Home Alone, Disney, Pixar and The Simpsons, And the special Star Wars show “Celebrating Boba Fett’s Origins and Legacy”. Disney also promised to host a news event, including premieres and trailers of upcoming movies.

Look? This is a holiday for the rest of Plus.

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