Shapeshifter is the upcoming (and terrifying) new member of “Among Us”

Innersloth reveals a terrible new trick The imposters will stand by and watch for the rest of the time Between us renew.Shapeshifters are new characters that imposters can have; the rest are new Between us The roles will all be used for Crewmate. With the addition of Shapeshifters, Crewmates will definitely be very busy.

The shapeshifter can be transformed very well by pulling out the menu of all alive crew members in the game. Shapeshifters can assume their appearance, including their color, makeup, and name. This will only last for a short time, and it will take a while to transform, so you have to play carefully, otherwise everyone will see you trying to put on your buddy’s face. Deformation will also leave evidence, so a keen detective can spot deception that is happening.

Of course, this is a spectacular way to ignite your friends and create chaos in the lobby. You can frame the crew, disguise yourself after committing terrible crimes, or confuse good people before they eradicate the imposters. The crew will want to keep an eye on their friends and carefully consider whether the beans they are approaching are trusted allies or deadly chameleons.

Players will be able to update their customization options to adjust many things about deformers. Innersloth at Developer Blog:

possibility: In the game lobby settings, you will be able to change the number of imposters and the chance to gain transformation abilities. You can completely close the opportunity to have the Shapeshift role.

For example, if there are 2 shapeshifters, there is a 30% chance of appearing shapeshifters

Deformation duration: The time the imposter keeps the transfer after the change.

Leave evidence of deformation: Is there any physical evidence that the imposter will be deformed in the room?

The developers of Innersloth are planning upcoming events and they will share more information about the current status Between us And the next update, there is no release date yet. We may learn about Crewmates’ new role, which will help them fight against those cunning imposters.