Shareholders forced Microsoft to reconsider its approach to repair rights

Microsoft It was one of the first major technology companies to respond to the request to re-examine its position on maintenance rights, and promised to reconsider its position on this issue and adjust its policy before the end of next year.

Every Grist Together with the shareholder rights organization As You Sow, Microsoft is willing to solve the problem of the right to repair movement and agreed to hire independent consultants to study the benefits of providing consumers with more tools and rights to repair their own products.

Traditionally, because companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung are more willing to trick consumers into using expensive repair partners or directly purchasing new products to replace defective products, it is deliberately tricky for consumers to obtain parts and repair documents .

When you sow A shareholder resolution was taken in June this year, asking Microsoft to investigate the “environmental and social benefits” of allowing consumers to repair their devices-the pressure seems to have worked.

Microsoft will release a summary of its findings before May 2022. Although advocacy groups say this commitment is an “encouraging step,” it remains to be seen to what extent Microsoft will change its policies.

according to edgeAfter that, Microsoft will use this step as a “guide” for its “product design and plan for expanding equipment repair options.” Therefore, its actual change may be small.It’s also worth noting at this point that Microsoft has Participated in lobbying against maintenance rights law in history In Colorado and Washington.

It is hoped that the rights of Microsoft and Xbox to participate in the restoration movement actually move the conversation forward a bit and prompt other large technology companies to follow suit.Some Key voice The Right to Maintenance Movement has seen this agreement as an encouraging and forward-looking idea, so let us hope it will gain more traction in the coming months and years.