Shin Megami Tensei 5 is ready for Persona fans

Goddess Tensei 5 It is the latest work in Atlus’ JRPG series, where you can fight and recruit demons. The series is known for its complex turn-based combat system, where you can negotiate with the enemy-just like the other Atlus series “Persona”. Mounter 5 The story begins when a stoic, bookish high school student is suddenly transported to post-apocalyptic Tokyo and fuse with demons to fight monsters crawling in the city.

I have been following the Shin Megami Tensei series for some time. People 5 royalThere are many things in common with SMT, which became my main content in the early days of the pandemic. I also know that this series has inspired a generation of fanatical independence, Under the legend. So when I saw the remake, Goddess Tensei 3: Nocturne, And a new title, I decided it was time for me to learn more about this series. I previewed the game on my Switch, which covered the first few hours of the game. When I was fighting and training my monsters in the game, I found myself missing some of the social aspects of other Atlus games.

Mounter 5 Tells a story that fits the biblical proportions. As soon as I entered its world, the first thing I heard was a dark and ominous voice, and the echo was omnipotent like a god. The narrator weaves a story similar to Adam and Eve, telling that a tree is the source of knowledge.This is a far cry from the stupid high school antics of Phantom Thieves P5R, The player talks with the school principal and athletes to solve the problem. certainly, Mounter 5 Also followed an ordinary high school boy. But the stakes and settings are completely different, as the player is drawn into a post-apocalyptic Tokyo full of angels, demons and sparkling sand.

Despite these initial differences, many actual games feel very similar to other Atlus games. Most of the combat mechanics remained basically the same-jumping in, I saw a group of identifiable monsters, such as elf (a fairy with healing ability) and slime (a lot of slimes). The element system is also the same as Persona; you can use attacks like Dia to heal, Zio to cause lightning damage, and so on.

These battles are difficult; you need to quickly collect monsters and use them in large quantities. In a battle, you can carry up to three fighters, and when you include the protagonist, there are a total of four fighters. Negotiations were fun, but stressful; once, I said the right thing for three consecutive rounds, just to make the monster stab me back and make a surprise attack.

Image: Atlus

Because of this focus on fighting, Mounter 5 The preview feels like a lite version P5R. Although it feels easier to play, I did find that I missed some P5R element.When i play P5R, I took a notebook with me, because as a newbie in the series, there are too many things to learn. You date people, keep track of your relationships, and manage the protagonist’s own characteristics.Checklist you need to do knowledge Continue to play the game. You can even get a job because you cry out loud. And all of this is outside of capturing, training, and fusing monsters. It will be a lot.

In contrast, I spend most of my time playing Mounter 5 Gritting the teeth in the battle and making decisions that might affect the story in ways I don’t yet know. Fighting is difficult, but when you finish fighting, you don’t need to think about all other things.Which makes Mounter 5 An entry point that may be easier to enter the Atlus game, rather than the Persona game full of legends and relationship management. This is an independent game that has no connection with the previous story. It introduces many elements of Atlus’ JRPG in a more understandable way.

Personally, I missed many aspects P5R. It is fun to date and hang out with friends in the game! I like stupid little tasks. I try to make the clown eat a burger bigger than his head. Even if it means I need to track and learn new game systems, this complexity adds to the fun between dungeons. Mounter 5 There are indeed a large number of high school students, and players can get to know them better. But this game is more serious and cruel-this is reflected in its battles.In other words, I started very early in the process of my game, and I hope to see more of the classmates we saw in the early days Mounter 5.

Shin Goddess Rebirth 5 It is scheduled to be released to Nintendo Switch on November 11.