Shin Megami Tensei 5 sold for almost one million

It’s time for the devil to get the punishment he deserves. Central figure (thanks Destruction class) According to the report, according to a statement issued by Atlus through a Japanese game magazine Faguang, Shin Goddess Rebirth 5 Since its launch, more than 800,000 copies have been sold. For a series that was not released outside Japan until the third PS2 landing in 2003, this is pretty good.

In contrast, the last numbered work in the series, Goddess Tensei 4 on 3DS, sold 600,000 throughout its life cycle. And 5 has only been launched for a few months, so it seems likely to reach one million in due course. Under the considerable franchise umbrella including the “Persona” sub-series, it may also have a positive impact on future games.

The statement also mentioned an unannounced surprise new title and the 25th anniversary celebration of Persona entering the next phase. Whether these two things are related is anyone’s guess, but it seems that Atlus will have more demonic goodness in 2022.

“Maidama Tensei 5” is highly praised by critics for its fierce combat system, although some people think the story lacks personality. Although this game is exclusive to Switch, there is evidence that it can land on PS4 and PC, which will definitely help it reach the million mark. In any case, 2021 is very good for JRPG on Switch, because Square Enix’s Bravely Default 2 also sold 1 million in a few months.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is now available on Nintendo Switch.