Shin Megami Tensei V-review in progress

Classic and punish The Shin Megami Tensei franchise is back with a new mainline entry, which is full of everything we expect from the series: challenging Fighting, fierce demonic negotiations, and philosophical problems about the state of the world. I have been playing Shin Megami Tensei V for nearly 40 hours, but I have not yet made my final judgment. Before that, I would say: Shin Megami Tensei sticks to its roots-for better or worse. This means that common series of complaints still exist, such as poor navigation and slow commands, but Atlus has also improved in some areas, with a wider area, more skill customization, and stellar demon design. If you are an SMT fan, then a long and arduous journey awaits you, you should feel at home. If you are a novice, some of the more outdated and arduous ways in the game may discourage you.

As a long-term fan, I have enjoyed a large part of my journey in SMT V. However, if I don’t admit that I also spent a lot of time yelling on the screen because I angered my boss, then I’m dereliction of duty or looking for some hidden paths in a haystack. Sometimes it feels like the game will do everything it can to prevent you from succeeding or progressing. This has always been part of the point: things are not easy in SMT, but overcoming the biggest obstacles does bring great rewards and satisfaction. There is nothing more powerful than having a boss destroy your team with one attack and then counterattack with better skills.

I like the adrenaline surge of life-and-death struggle, but I’m a bit disappointed by this story. Narrative has never been SMT’s strong suit, but I have always expected the series to present questions about the world in an interesting way, but there is no clear answer. I played SMT V for 35 hours, and then the story began to provide meaningful choices about how I wanted to rebuild the world. Just like in the past entries, you can choose how to change the world and decide to represent both ends of the law and chaos. The slow pace of the story is very hurtful, especially to make you care about the world you should save and rebuild. Considering the huge stakes, I don’t feel much about the impending doom of the character or the world. They all feel like background noise, allowing you to get out of the world and fight. Some characters represent different philosophies on how to reshape the world—such as maintaining the status quo or dismantling all structures—but these characters are one-dimensional, which doesn’t help. So far, I haven’t got a deep understanding of their logic and what these paths mean to the world. I hope this will change as the game ends.

Fortunately, the time-tested gameplay makes me happy enough to ignore the monotonous story beat. My interest is mainly because of the demon recruitment and fusion system, which is still the core and soul of the experience just like the games in the past. In short, you can swing enemies to your side through dialogue options, and then combine monsters to create better monsters to use in battle. I keep trying to perfect my last creation, and I like freedom and adding customizations at hand to your demons and player characters. In addition to deciding which skills to inherit when fusing demons, you can also inject the essence of demons to transfer their skills. For the protagonist, you can also use the essence of the devil to gain the affinity of the devil. For example, if you find that the essence of a demon can block multiple elements-your protagonist can inherit these elements. This may seem like a small matter, but it can have a huge impact in difficult battles. When I encounter a boss with a deadly elemental attack, I use this to ensure that my protagonist is alive and prevent them from turning around.

Turn-based combat is at its best in SMT V, reminiscent of the Press-Turn system of III. Optimizing your round requires a lot of thought, which boils down to the mixture of buff/debuff and the use of elemental weaknesses.Observe your rounds increase by landing key strike Or hitting the enemy’s weakness is a pleasure. The special “Magatsushi skill”, once you fill the meter by performing operations such as landing attacks, you can use it only to increase the fun, because they can do anything from refilling your squad’s MP to making them The next attack becomes the key. I try to find supplementary skills to increase damage more than ever, and I like to come up with new strategies based on the power of my demons.

The exploration of this item has been greatly expanded, and I like that I am forced to search every inch of every area. I got a huge reward when I did this, because you can find statues, valuable items, and special bosses/quests that raise the level of all demons. Hidden in the whole area and hard-to-reach places is a creature called Miman. Collecting these little guys and reaching certain milestones will reward you with very useful items. I like stumbling on these things and feel that their rewards are worthwhile.

These areas are not only larger, but this time the world has a lot of verticality. You will find yourself reaching a higher point on the platform and using altitude to locate distant paths and objects. Some platform games are being punished because missing a jump means all the way to the beginning of a long platform game sequence. Sometimes, because the layout design is sometimes confusing, exploring the world is frustrating. I don’t like to constantly check the map in order to find certain destinations; putting your head on the map will kill the immersion and pleasure of exploring.

The time I spent with Shin Goddess Tensei V was full of highs and lows, but this is what I expect from this series. I like a lot of things here, even if it makes me curse sometimes. For example, save points are very rich, but they can’t prevent a serious mistake in a battle and easily lose progress, which often happens in the SMT world. I respect Atlus because it knows what SMT is, rather than trying to rewrite the formula and make it something it is not. I just hope there are some surprises before I finish the game. Currently, apart from its excellent demon design, it lacks something that makes it truly memorable.