Shin Megami Tensei V’s release day DLC details

The release of Shin Megami Tensei V is just around the corner. In our latest exclusive report on Atlus’ upcoming RPG, the studio gives us a glimpse of what players can expect from the day the DLC enters the game. In addition to various mission-driven downloadable content, players can also look forward to DLC designed to simplify the acquisition of certain resources, as well as a new and simpler difficulty option.

this Return of the True Demon Downloadable content to see the protagonist visit the shadow world. When he arrived, Sophia handed him a candlestick, which she said would bring “power or death.” DLC enables you to fight the most powerful demons and is suitable for those seeking challenges. If you manage to defeat the demons, you will unlock their fusion, if you can defeat the half demons, you will unlock the essence of the half demons.

inside Goddess in training In DLC, the protagonist is approached by the goddess Artemis near Tokyo Tower. She is looking for an opponent worth training. If you can successfully complete the mission, you can recruit her as an ally and unlock her fusion.

Queen’s Wrath DLC saw that Cleopatra was deprived of her position in Bethel Egypt. After the protagonist receives a request to check her after she is exiled, you will unlock a new mission. After completing this task, you will have the opportunity to recruit her as an ally and unlock her fusion.

The last important part of the release day DLC, The last wish of the doctor Are you looking for the missing Bethel researcher? After finding the scientist who talked to Mephisto, the protagonist embarked on a new mission. If you meet certain conditions, you have the opportunity to recruit him as an ally and unlock his fusion.

In addition to these tasks, players can also receive God of Wealth Dance with EXP’s dance of beautiful jade DLC can significantly increase the generation rate of rare demons. These demons will drop expensive relics or earn EXP for you. Wealth DLC makes it easier to earn Macca, and EXP DLC makes grinding easier. Atlus also posted Dance of Gods and Demons DLC, it increases the generation rate of rare demons. These demons will drop items that will win you glory in a more effective way.

In addition to the paid DLC, there is also a free Security difficulty DLC also plans to add a simpler difficulty setting for anyone who has almost no RPG or SMT experience, or who wants to easily pass the game.

Although most of the information provided by Atlus this month is focused on DLC, the studio also showed us its second play mode. After completing the game and clearing the level, you can choose from two different modes for the second time. The new mode will transmit your demonic compendium and enemy analysis data, but it will not completely change the difficulty. The rebirth mode transfers your protagonist’s level, skills, demons, maca and items to a new saved file, providing you with a more relaxed replay experience.

Shin Megami Tensei V and all these DLC will be launched on Switch on November 12. For more information about the highly anticipated role-playing game, head here to the game center.