Should you play in the new world?First impression from the border

The upcoming new world of MMORPG by Amazon Games has become the focus of attention because the action will be demonstrated in the long closed beta period before its release on September 28. The new world has changed its vision many times during the development process, and now everyone is concerned about the question-where will it be released? For what kind of players? What kind of MMORPG is it? Perhaps the most important question is, is it worth your time? Throughout the Beta process (and a demo session that allowed me to enter a complete character endgame segment), I saw some areas with great potential, but these areas are currently underserved in the MMORPG space-there are still some It may be serious damage to the title. Talk about the new world!

Successfully landed in the strong frontier survival atmosphere

If you are familiar with survival games that require knocking on wood to build houses, New World will initially achieve this goal by providing players with countless survival pursuits. Hunting turkeys on the borders of your established safe zone to improve your cooking skills and make rations is much more interesting than it should be. Finding elusive saltpetre deposits in the mines and making your own shells for your old-fashioned rifle feels fun. It is Runescape’s classic system to be able to improve all skills according to your own preferences. It is good to know that you can learn every crafting and collecting skills as needed, and even fishing. Putting together your first collection tools is actually great.

Digging carrots and potatoes feels very meaningful. Going back to your small town in the wilderness, trading feed and talking with other explorers, full of the hustle and bustle of Disney Frontier City, I rarely invest so much in the production and trading system in the MMO. I can see potential problems in these aspects in the later stage, that is, I really want to spend time in the endgame collecting resources just to play the game, but for now, creating my own food, ammunition has a lot of magic, and when I trek to Supplies before the wild. It feels gritty, it feels blunt, it feels fresh.

Faction PVP can be fun

Territory control and faction-based options to join PVP not only bring back some domain-to-domain feelings from the glorious era of Camelot’s dark ages, but they also inject something that many online experiences have fallen away from in the past decade-social connections. This means yes, you will see a player named PoopyPants (yes, this is a real player I saw) cutting trees and screaming the price of silver mine outside the city, your chat source will be Overwhelming comments makes the infamous Barrens chat look very knowledgeable. However, it also successfully adds to the shared social risk of the experience, even if you choose not to verbally interact with any other players. By pooling players into three different factions, no matter how deep you want to invest, you can invest in your own tribe. If you still only want to bring back a lot of fur to trade in the city alone, you can-but the real fun lies in grouping, interacting with others and eventually occupying some territory as your chosen faction.

At solo, guild, and higher levels, it is a bold choice for the player to decide the game flow rather than the “theme park” experience, and it’s not just a bit refreshing. The question here is how interesting and meaningful these factional wars will be in the final stages? Although I don’t have an answer yet, the prospect of truly interacting with other players in a meaningful way in MMORPG gives me a strong sense of nostalgia and a serious difference from many other types of products today. On the other hand, if you are not interested in territorial wars or PvP, other existing MMORPGs may be better choices.

Combat power is the biggest weakness of the new world

In almost every MMORPG, you will have a lot of battles. This may be the largest part of the entire gaming experience. Due to limited skill choices, clumsy animations and little excitement, the battle in the new world is absolutely tedious. Now, before you engage in a really greasy 3v3 skirmish, you have to eject members of the opposing faction from a long distance, but this is more about player-to-player interaction, not battle. Fighting usually makes people feel Dull and shaky. Although I like systems that try to break the label positioning standard, which has been incorporated into the MMO for many years, it has not reached its goal here.

I find it difficult to determine whether other aspects of the game that look pleasant can also carry this particular aspect, because combat is at the core of almost all other pursuits. Even if you are just looking for saltpeter, you will have to fight a large number of zombie-like creatures, wolves or bears, and it doesn’t feel good. This problem is exacerbated in the team experience of PvP and PvE, but it is more pronounced in the latter. In the case of an obvious lack of feedback on weapons and equipment, it is almost ridiculous to chew a spongy opponent as a bag, and your options in battle feel very limited and lacking.

Everything can feel the same

Enemies, locations, and activities can be turned into a big bowl of mash without having to break them down through some PvP pursuits. As you travel through this huge world, you will see many similarly crumbling small fishing villages, dilapidated farms and crumbling ruins. The feeling of killing some undead pirates at level 5 is the same as at level 15, and you will do a lot of daily tasks/acquisition style activities to hone your faction reputation, such as wandering in the aforementioned locations for chests and killing X undead Bad guys. Even after only playing for 20 hours, it feels very repetitive, so I am worried about how this will turn into the final game-as an elite member of the syndicate, will I still kill undead and pick potatoes on the wandering farm? I mean, I do like French fries…

Travel is difficult

When you are just starting, you can walk around because you don’t have a long way to go. However, this needs to be done at around level 12, where you will find the auto-run button and some movies on your favorite streaming platform and become your best friends. The world is big, and hiking is a great pain. There are no mounts, and fast travel is limited by resources. Moving on the map is absolutely boring. I realize that this decision may have other meaningful concerns, such as the meaning that everyone is trying to magnify in the game of territorial control and PvP creation of bets, but as you play more, it becomes more and more difficult Ignore the tasks at both ends of the map.

Forge ahead

Based on the beta version, New World will become an interesting but potential niche addition to the current MMORPG. However, it seems really suitable for players who want to play faction skirmishes with a small group of friends, as well as players who are interested in big guild politics and all of these greater territorial control wars. If you are not interested in the larger pursuit of a lot of social interaction and PvP, then the PvE element itself does not seem to be enough to keep things going.

Although I like the feeling of making my own things, slowly increasing my strong enough exploration area, and meticulously improving all my collection and production skills, I can see these charms become a little rote with the activity And quickly faded. The dynamics involved in factional warfare and territorial control seem to be a powerful antidote to the never-ending rock farms in various undead huts and homes. Like other games that tend to this kind of emergency gameplay (RIP Shadowbane), some new worlds will be how players shape it.