Shredder is a new snowboarding game exclusively for Xbox.

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E3 2021 will be held from June 12th to 15th as a rethinked all-virtual online event. Nintendo, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, Ubisoft, Capcom and more will deliver new video game announcements, trailers, release dates and more.

The Xbox Series X does some sick tricks towards the snow-covered peaks. shredder, A new snowboard game from Foam Punch Studio. The new game was announced at Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the trailer didn’t contain many details, but it did include some gorgeous views and beautiful snowboarding. Players descended mountains that seemed unseen by anyone, crowded slopes, and well-maintained railroad tracks, including ramps and rails.

Also, some power-ups seemed to float in the air. This suggests that the game may contain some scoring system that will help you track the best tricks. However, the trailer did not include a HUD or menu, so it is difficult to reliably determine which system is included. The trailer also started with someone shooting a video of some tricks, so social media seems to be a feature of the game as well.

shredder Appearing on Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Series X, it will be available on Game Pass on the first day. Regarding the actual release date, the trailer says, “Around December 2021, the foam punch feels good.”