Sifu | Today’s New Game

2022 is already full of games that fans should be excited about, but please allow us to add another one to the list. Watch today’s new gameplay with Marcus Stewart and Alex Stadnick, and they will start hands with developer Sloclap’s exciting new action game Sifu.

According to Sony’s February game status, Sifu’s hands-on time in our preview version is like a dream. The demonstration took place in a nightclub crowded with criminals waiting to fight. Even from the first battle with the bodyguards, it became clear how satisfying and promising Sifu’s battle was. The enemy will bounce off the wall and react differently according to the surrounding environment. From bottles to broken pieces of wood, everything is a fair battle game in the world of Sifu.

However, using your environment is not limited to finding new weapons. The enemies in the game will try to surround you as much as possible. It is very beneficial to use furniture and walls in each arena to separate your enemies and cause more damage when you bounce them off various hard surfaces.

One of Sifu’s other main attractions is the aging mechanic. As the protagonist gets hurt and eventually dies, they grow old, which changes the way they play. Every time you die and grow old, you can access the upgrade menu to learn new combinations and add buffs, which is especially useful in more intense battles. However, the trade-off is that reaching a certain age mark during that session will prevent you from entering certain parts of the upgrade tree, so careful use of your XP and combat skills will help you go further. The aging mechanism also affects your way of role-playing. As you age, your damage will be higher, but your speed and health will also be affected. Although we only experienced Sifu’s aging balance behavior in the demo, it made us curious and excited about its implementation in the full version.

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait for Sifu’s release. Sloclap’s next game will be launched on February 8, 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, actually earlier than originally announced.