Sifu will get free seasonal content updates starting next week

Sifu has become a cult favorite in 2022, so fans may be happy to hear that some of the upcoming free updates are coming to the game throughout the year.

Developer SloClap has introduced a slew of additions, including new modes, gear selectors, and more. Four seasonal launches are planned, the first of which will go live next Tuesday, May 3.


  • Difficulty Options (Student, Disciple, Master)
  • Advanced training
  • clothing choice


  • Advanced Rating
  • game modifier
  • new clothes


  • replay editor
  • New modifiers/clothes


  • New Game Mode: Arena
  • New modifiers/clothes

Sifu will also have a physical launch for collectors there on May 3. To learn more about the nail-hard martial arts brawler, you can read our review of the game here.