Sifu’s release date is two weeks ahead of schedule and is now released on February 8th

Developer Sloclap’s upcoming Kung Fu action game Sifu has advanced its release date by two full weeks.

After postponing to 2022, we learned that its release date is February 22. Now Sifu will be launched on February 8. This is a rare move and it is earlier than expected. Along with the news, Sloclap has released a new trailer showing more bonebreaking battles in Sifu, which you can watch below:

The studio also released additional information about the battles and progress in Sifu.

“Sifu’s unique visual style guarantees smooth operation at 60fps on both platforms, so players can understand in the most detail the carnage they are about to cause to the enemy,” a press release reads. “Players must be focused, fast, and skilled in attacking to succeed in their missions, but building a strong defense by mastering counterattacks, knockdowns, and stuns is equally important in battle. Once the enemy loses balance, attack and parry are just as important. Effective strikes provide opportunities, but careless players may be caught off guard and lose their balance when the enemy attacks.”

Sloclap also emphasized the role that the environment will play in Sifu and regards it as an important part of the Kung Fu experience. Players need to use the items in the area as well as the walls and physical environment to knock down the enemy. The ability to focus can help solve this problem-it will accumulate as you fight, and when used, it will allow the player to “make precise and devastating blows to the enemy.”

The studio also detailed Sifu’s internal progress.

“Players carry an ancient pendant that can resurrect them after death-there is a price to pay,” a press release reads. “Warriors will age with each death, but they also have the opportunity to use XP for skills to become stronger, wiser and/or stronger. But as the player ages, they will gradually use their maximum health In exchange for attack power.”

As we saw in the trailer before, the character model will also get old, but Sloclap said that “ageing has no detrimental effect on abilities.” They can unlock skills at any age. These are unlocked in their martial arts training facility, and missions or temples are scattered between levels to provide players with different combat abilities. There are also privileges in the game, which can improve health, additional concentration costs, etc.

Sifu will land on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 8. The standard version is priced at $39.99 and the deluxe version is priced at $49.99.

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