Simon Kinberg of Invasion wants to take over Reddit with theories about aliens

Simon Kinberg will quote one of the science fiction superstars:World war. Not the original HG Wells novel he likes, but Orson Welles’ 1938 radio drama.It is said that Wells’ broadcast is so immersive that some listeners believe that the United States really used to be Invaded by creatures from another world. (Although that reaction Not as common as most retelling implies.) Panic, no matter how short and limited, is what inspired Ginberg to create Invade, An Apple TV Plus feature film, immediately follows five people after a hostile alien arrives on Earth.

“Now, obviously, you can’t do that today, using social media, technology and marketing, and what you and I are doing now,” Ginberg told Polygon. “But I want to tell the story of an alien invasion, as true as possible, scientifically based, and emotional.”

After decades of large-scale franchising work-most famously as a screenwriter and producer of recent X-Men movies, but also as a co-creator Star Wars: RebelsInvade This may be Kimberg’s biggest attempt at original storytelling since writing the script in 2005 Smiths, A very interesting Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie spy rom-com. This is also Kimberg’s film school paper.Co-authored with David Weil (famous for creating Amazon series hunter) Invade Brings a different range to the premise of science fiction, and usually feels like a close person this is usThe style of drama, because it is a sci-fi spectacle. This is largely by design.

“There is a reason why this story was not told to the President and the Secretary of Defense-those are not our protagonists. Our main character is a family in the suburbs, with a group of children traveling on the school bus,” Kimberg said. “I want to tell [an invasion story] You know, the 99.999 repetition rate in our population will experience it the way, just in the dark. I hope all these characters are in crisis, and their drama is strong enough to exist independently without aliens.And aliens are this huge bonus [the drama] Enter a larger scale and larger stage. “

Kimberg Citation Lost As another big influence. The critically acclaimed ABC series incorporates a type of mystery around the mysterious island, in which the characters dwarf their rooted, intimate backstory, making the two narrative clues the same driving force.

“For the characters we love and care about, and for the audience to start to piece together and come up with theories, I really hope this feels like an unfolding and unraveling mystery,” Kimberg said. “My hope, my dream is, like I am on Reddit, there are hundreds of different theories about why aliens are here and what they want. Some of them will be right, some of them will be Wrong, some of them will inspire me to do new things.”

Invade It is currently being broadcast on Apple TV Plus, and new episodes are broadcast every Friday.