Since this Netgear AX1800 access point costs only $59, upgrading to WiFi 6 has never been so cheap

If your old WiFi router or access point slows you down, especially when many devices are trying to access it, you will need a Wi-Fi 6 access point. Upgrading your home network to the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard for faster speeds and with the added benefit of better security, there is almost no (if any) more affordable method.

at Newegg online $64.99 Netgear WAX204-100NAS is free of shipping, use promo code BCMAY22436 to save $6 for only $58.99. Of course, 1800 Mbps is not the fastest speed you have ever encountered, but it can do the job under a typical Internet connection and share it among many users with the help of WiFi 6. You can connect up to 64 clients, 40 of which are simultaneously. This means that a Brady Bunch-sized family can simultaneously access the Internet on their laptop, mobile phone and PC. It is also suitable for SOHO applications, or places like halls or waiting rooms.