Six terrifying good board games for Halloween

Hundreds of new board and card games are introduced to the market every year, and even the recent suppression of social gatherings has not stopped this flow. There is no doubt that some of the most popular themes each year include horror, monsters, magic and mystery-perfect for Halloween parties.

Whether you want to head to the game store and grab something on Game Night this weekend, or plan to go further, and you are just a fan of the game about night bumps, every recent release provides a fun-filled A good night, a perfect mix of entertainment and ghostly atmosphere.

Horror: American Monster
Publisher: Ravensburger

As an independent follow-up to the original Horrified version in 2019, the new American Monsters variant provides enough new content, and if you already like the first one, you can justify the purchase. However, if this is your first attempt, this version is also a very reliable entry point. The first game features 1930s-style bad guys like Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula, and this new game brings us into the 1950s, classic American myths are being played, including Bigfoot, Mothman and Jersey Devil Wait for the monster. American Monsters avoids the re-skin label because it does a great job of making each monster (and how to defeat them) unique.

Players work together to stop the monsters that threaten the town. The dynamic difficulty is as simple as choosing the number of monsters to place on the board; please note that the four-headed monster attack is the secret of a huge challenge. Interactive and cooperative games are particularly satisfying, because each player can use their character’s special skills to help save the day. It must also be said that the art team did an excellent job of recalling the horror aesthetics of small towns in the 1950s. If you are a fan of old-fashioned drive-in monster movies, or you just want a particularly easy-to-use and easy-to-use collaborative experience, please play this game.

Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

To understand the enthusiasm behind “Unfathomable”, it may take a short history lesson. As early as 2008, Fantasy Flight released a game based on the Battlestar Galactica TV show. This is a great version, especially because it cleverly captures the drama of that show, most of the ships seem to be working together, but the traitor Cyons is working in secret, destroying the team’s goals. The game is out of print due to various licensing-related reasons you might expect, but the enthusiasm for the game has not faded.

“Unfathomable” occupies most of the game model and reintegrates the experience into the Lovecraft-style horror world of Fantasy Flight. Not a spaceship Galactica, but a ship Atlantic that went to Boston in 1913. Instead of Cylon, it was Father Dagon, Mother Hydra, and the Deep Sea, gradually infiltrating and attacking, until they pulled everyone into the cold depths.

As the game starts, everyone seems to be in action, but at least one player is a hybrid, running counter to your interests, carefully changing events to help the monsters. In a particularly interesting twist, you may have played most of the game before showing that you are also a hybrid. If you want to win, your loyalty must change.

The unfathomable feature is a dramatic transformation, and sometimes even a devastating fate, especially if the traitor can manipulate himself into a position that can cause real harm. But, of course, this is only half of the fun of the game-no one should take victory as the only goal. Instead, enjoy the tension and knowing smiles around the table, as well as the stunning art and miniatures that bring Unfathomable to life. This is a wonderful revival of the smart game system more than ten years ago, and it is well worth going to the dark waters of the high seas.

Goonies: never give up
Publisher: Funko Games

Every year, fool Franchising feels like an increasingly outdated reference. However, this fanatical classic movie still maintains a strong and enthusiastic following-it is full of fun. The new Goonies board game does not have any definite “Halloween”, but children’s wild adventures, supernatural pirate treasure hunts, and the threat of crazy enemies are perfect for this holiday.

In the game, most players work together as one of the children like Mikey or Chunk (and Sloth of course) to outwit the evil Fratelli family and other enemies they encounter along the way. These villains are controlled by the final player, who manage traps and other encounters, trying to prevent the Goonies from finding success and treasure. These adventures are unfolded in nine different scenes, and they follow the movie’s clues well and extend it.

Specifically for the loyal fans of 80s movies, it may be a very special market segment. But this is still a wonderful game, and there are many nods to Yuan Novel. If you really like what you find, you can even track the “Under the Goondocks” expansion pack, which adds playable teenage Goonies, three new adventures, and more.

Echo: Cocktail
Publisher: Ravensburger

If your weird party is more about adult relaxation than hardcore board game players who are ready to learn novel horror games, I want to introduce you to the Echo series. This is an audio mystery game that requires you to sync to a smartphone application to play. Then, the game tells a mysterious story through a combination of audio storytelling on the app and a card/board on the table. The difficulty is that each player is an investigator and can hear the “echo” of the remaining objects. Scan the object and listen carefully to solve the problem.

I played “Cocktail”, which is one of the two initial products of this game series. In this issue, you will try to uncover the identity of the mysterious gang boss. Separate games/instalments are also available; “The Dancer” tells the ghost of a young girl in a Scottish country manor and the cause of her death. Choose your poison.

Each game can actually only be played once by a given group-once you solve the puzzle, there is not much reason to play again. But novelty is definitely there. Challenge the entire team to piece together the 24 parts of the story in the correct order, and each part is subdivided into different chapters. I like the way the game challenges everyone to pause and listen carefully to the smallest details in the recording, some of which may be the key to moving the puzzle to the next step. Echoes is a great choice for lovers of escape rooms, puzzles, and social games. The relatively short one hour of game time will not put the party in trouble. A copy is not expensive, so you will not be too disappointed when it is all over, especially if you and your friends have an unforgettable puzzle-solving adventure along the way.

Arkham Horror: Card Game-Revised Core Series
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

As one of the best horror-themed games of the past decade, Arkham horror card game uses the popular board game world and distills the same storytelling and adventure style into an excellent expandable card game. Players play the role of the New England town of Arkham, racing against time to stop cultists, test sane monsters and ancient monsters that devour the world. The narrative is atmospheric and interesting, the gameplay is light and balanced, all of which is about building a deck of cards and managing threats in different locations. However, when you see that your choice is echoed throughout the event, it is the way each scene connects to the next that will keep you engaged.

The newly revised core set wisely does not upset Lovecraft’s Apple Car (don’t eat those!). If you are already a loyal player, this is not for you. On the contrary, this new core setting sets some important goals for new players. Perhaps most importantly, it supports four players instead of two players in a single boxed game. It also adds some cards that did not appear initially until later expansions, expanding the initial upgrade options for investigators. It also reorganized the contents of the box to achieve a faster pickup experience.

If you want an interesting long-term event, rooted in horror, but not overwhelming in complexity or mechanics, then it is the ideal product from an established and popular franchise.

Magic war
Publisher: Blue Orange Games

A big part of Halloween is indulging in our darker impulses, at least in fun. Therefore, Bellum Magica is ideal for families or groups of friends who are looking for an easy-to-access and easy-to-learn engine to build games. Players play as evil overlords vying for power and control, but the whole thing is very interesting and colorful, rather than dark and despicable.

The engine building game requires you to gradually build a system of resources and units. With each turn, the power and range of these resources and units will increase. In this case, you are recruiting goblins and other despicable creatures, and you can throw them into the unfortunate human kingdom or fight against your hostile evil warlord players. You have been collecting treasures and increasing your grasp of power.

In the field of strategy games, Bellum Magica chose easy, fast and themed games instead of complex and perfectly balanced games. A player can easily be crushed by others for no reason, and rolling dice adds randomness that many old players may sneer at. But less than an hour of game time should be your hint, this is a game designed to be popular for its crazy swinging control transfer and the fun of being a bad guy. If everyone can accept this concept, it is a beautiful illustration and a fun pastime.

If you don’t like magic and horror, there are many other wonderful table games for you to explore in our Top of the Table center. As always, if you want to provide a personalized recommendation for the next game night, please feel free to leave me a message, I’m happy to provide some suggestions. Happy Halloween!