Skyrim Anniversary Edition crashed due to running too efficiently

In preparation for the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, and the modpocalypse that is expected to be released, I reduced my mod load to a respectable few.Necessities like this Alternative start-live another life And some additional followers, including Inigo with LucienI started a new game and everything was fine until I quit to do some actual work, and then tried to reload the game during my lunch break. Black screen, music is still playing, this is what I got.

The usual Skyrim trick—switching to full-screen borderless mode and running Windows 7 as an administrator. Compatibility—does not seem to help, and then I found one Post from modder Joseph Russell, The creator of Lucien, he has found the cause of the problem. It turns out that other players also experienced the same crash, because the latest version of Skyrim runs scripts faster than before. This can cause problems with mods that rely on them, such as Russell’s.