Skyrim Anniversary Edition is an insubstantial update, I will play for many hours

I can’t believe Skyrim is fascinated by me again. How much time can I spend playing this single player game? It turns out that there are many more. The anniversary edition that appeared last week is just an excuse, not a reason. Unlike the special edition, this is just some DLC, which contains a series of advanced Creation Club modules, most of which are already available. It was not this boring DLC ​​that brought me back to Skyrim’s embrace—but Skyrim itself. Ten years have passed, and nothing else can overthrow its place in my heart.

Morrowind is my favorite Elder Scroll game. This is because I am cool and have good taste. I love Morrowind. But I don’t remember when I played last time. Feeling old, in turn makes me feel old again, I really don’t want to. On the other hand, Skyrim can easily look as beautiful as today’s newly launched game with just a few mods.

So I am a bit superficial, I guess. But there is more. Skyrim is a game full of potential. It is a malicious platform created by adventures and stories and users. A brand new game has been built inside.One of the most acclaimed works was remade and released as Stand-alone game Only this year, its brilliance. The main story of Skyrim is good, but now I am happy to avoid it for as long as possible-instead of choosing to start with a vampire, the enslavement of a warlock, or just a hunter wandering in the woods. From there, my own adventure started, which was established in collaboration with Bethesda and a group of creative modules.

(Image source: Bethesda)

One compliment I can pay for the anniversary edition is that it will not hinder this. When the special edition was launched, most of my modules stopped working, but this is not the case here. These changes are less transformative, and Bethesda has worked with SKSE developer Extrwi to ensure that their key modules (essential for many other modules) will work properly when they are released. Indeed! As a result, almost all of my pillars worked well, from texture overhauls to small things like small lanterns that illuminate the stale path of the sky.