Skyrim: Anniversary edition priced at $49.99, or $19.99 as an upgrade

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition November 11th, Bethesda Provide pricing The latest version that will be 10 years old next week.

If you are buying this game for the first time, it is priced at 49.99 US dollars / 54.99 Euros / 47.99 pounds. If you already own the current version, Skyrim Special Edition, or a Game Pass subscriber, you can purchase a digital-only upgrade for 19.99 USD/19.99 EUR/15.99 GBP.

If you are a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S user and own the Skyrim Special Edition or purchase the Anniversary Edition, you will get the next-generation upgrade of the game for free.

Described as the most comprehensive version of the game released so far, with it, you can look forward to the main game and all its expansions as well as 500 Creation Club modules and new missions.

Additional content also includes four creations: fishing, survival mode, creation of saints and seducers, and the ability to obtain more merchandise from Khajiit Caravans in Skyrim.

As we told you before, due to changes made to Skyrim Script Extender (a plugin that makes mods compatible with the game), some mods may not be compatible with the Skyrim: Anniversary Edition version.

Unless the creator updates it, your favorite mod will most likely never be used with the game again. Therefore, if you choose to upgrade, please remember if you really like some of the current mods.

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.