Skyrim board game begins to accept reservations, check out the exclusive preview

Skyrim Being ported to a new format: board games.Modiphius Entertainment, maker of the Elder Scrolls mini-games and fallout table games, will release The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-Adventure Game In 2022, Polygon will have an exclusive preview.

Its creator said that the game’s multiple narrative activities will provide new insights SkyrimThe legend includes prequels of video game events. Skyrim-Adventure Game Pre-orders will be made on the new Gamefound platform on Tuesday. The final product will also be used for retail release and may arrive with supporters as early as next spring.

Skyrim-Adventure Game It is a desktop experience for 1-5 players who work together in each session that lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Players play one of six characters, each based on an iconic fantasy race in the Elder Scrolls series: Altmer, Dunmer, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, and Orsimer. Each has its own unique power and affinity, which in turn provides a variety of gameplay for the game.

Image: Modifis Entertainment

“Imagine you are climbing the surface of a hexagonal pyramid,” Modiphius founder Chris Birch said in an interview, “and we are all climbing towards the top; a big ending. But on my pyramid, I can Go to the right, I can go to the left, I can go to the middle. So I have many choices, and I can reach the top of the story through my play style. But there are six other aspects.”

Skyrim-Adventure Game It can be used as a one-time experience, focusing on selected themed scenes, but the biggest attraction lies in its two lengthy battles, each with three chapters. Powering the narrative is a deck of approximately 600 cards, which can grow to approximately 700 cards depending on the expansion you add. They include all the tasks and plot elements available in the game. The deck itself is semi-permanent, requiring players to add, remove, and reshuffle cards in a consistent manner between games.

Ultimately, Birch said, this deck will become a record of your personal gaming history. Decisions you make early will have an impact on the duration of the event. For example, kill Whiterun’s jarl and he will die next time you play. But Birch emphasized that this is not a traditional style game and does not need to destroy any original components. By adding the removed card back to the game, the entire experience can be easily reset.

Skyrim-Renderings of The Adventure Game, From the Ashes and Dawnguard expansion packs and luxurious miniature sets.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-Adventure Game Two expansion packs and a luxurious miniature model will be provided during the Gamefound event.
Image: Modifis Entertainment

Like many mechanics in board games, this is not a novel system. Fantasy Flight Games uses this concept in fall out, Published in also like this Seventh Continent, Serious Poulp Award-winning exploration and cosmic horror game. But Modiphius stated that it will have multiple decks that operate on the same principles-including a bunch of Blades agents. These powerful characters enter the world semi-randomly, and if the player allows them to be killed, they will disappear until the box is reset.

The world of Tamriel is the background of all the Elder Scrolls video games and has a rich history that spans thousands of years. Skyrim-Adventure Game Also has a place in that timeline.

“The first exercise was 25 years ago [the events of the video game],” said game designer Juan Echenique, “so you can get to know some [non-player characters] From Skyrim, But 25 years ago, when they were still a young adventurer, they got an arrow in the knee-this happened! The second battle begins before the arrival of the dragonborn and ends after the arrival of the dragonborn. So you can see all the events caused by the dragonborn. You will meet the Dragonborn-they are just a different character-it is really fun to watch from a distance. “

Burch said that the base game is priced at £82 (US$112) on Gamefound, while the final retail version of Modiphius has a target price of approximately £100 (US$137).Fans who can use a gaming PC will be able to Skyrim-Adventure Game Due to the upcoming demo version for test drive Desktop emulator.

Burch pointed out Skyrim-Adventure Game The production cost was initially expected to be much lower, and the initial price of the Gamefound version was about 68 pounds. However, the ongoing global logistics crisis has brought difficulties to the entire desktop industry and pushed up prices. Nevertheless, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the issuance, Skyrim, The first 2,011 supporters will be able to get their copies at the originally hoped price of £68.

“Once they are gone,” Burch said, “they are gone.”

Birch said there will also be a 220 pounds (300 US dollars) luxury tier, which includes all extensions and a full set of plastic miniatures, a luxury neoprene game mat and a set of metal Septim coins to replace the cardboard counter standard version.

Skyrim It is still one of the most ported games in history, and there are versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, as well as Nintendo Switch and virtual reality headsets. The Anniversary Edition will be launched on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on November 11. We asked Birch if the creator Bethesda Softworks (especially Todd Howard) was excited about the franchise’s entry into the board game.

“I know he likes our mini game because he wants to find someone to draw it,” Burch said, referring to another one of his company Skyrim-Themed board games, The Elder Scrolls: Call of Battle“So I think they look very happy.”